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Předmět MSc. Thesis - Mgr. - 2. semestr (AWA63Z_2)

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The students develop their master degree thesis in accordance with the instruction given by thesis assignment (thesis project). The assignment (project) is prepared by the student in cooperation with the thesis supervisor and is approved by the head of department. The assignment indicates the goals of the thesis, the ways how to achieve the goals (methods), time schedule and recommended literature. To pass this educational activity and to get the ECTS credits the student must observe the thesis assignment (project) in the terms of its time schedule. In this activity mostly literature review and study of the literature is concerned and required together with developing the methods used in empirical (research) section of the thesis (the students must already have some data from the research, must already have some empirical results).

Získané způsobilosti

Znalosti:The student obtains knowledge in the field of his/her thesis through the review of literature. This knowledge must exceed the knowledge provided in related courses because the student must demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the topic.Dovednosti:The student acquires the skills needed to work with literature, which involves looking up and working with appropriate text (papers, books, other sources). The student is also skilled in developing methods associated with the practical (empirical) segment of his/her thesis. The student works individually according to the plan (project submission form).Kompetence - komunikace:The student is able to communicate his/her thoughts to specialists as well as to the general public.Kompetence - úsudek:The student is able to formulate judgements backed by existing literature. The student has the ability to utilize theoretical concepts and methods.


The student must have a completed online thesis submission form.


prof. Ing. Pavel Tlustoš, CSc.