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1. Conditionals KEY

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Conditionals - Key 1 A You are sure to be late .. 5 1 . .if you explain it to them. B If I had their address . .3 2 . .I’ll take an umbrella. C They’ll understand it all right .. 1 3 . .I could write and ask them. D If Tom didn’t work so much . .6 4 . .I might lose a bit of weight. E If it rains in the afternoon . .2 5 . .if you miss the bus. F If I took more exercise . .4 6 . . he wouldn’t get so tired. 2 1 If you ask (ask) Liz, she will tell you what to do. 2 I won’t help you with your homework if you don’t stop (not stop) watching TV. 3 They would work harder if they weren’t (not be) so tired. 4 I would have a word with Jack if he were/was (be) at home. 5 Peggy wil go (go) shopping if she has (have) time in the afternoon. 6 If he cared (care) about other people’s feelings, he wouldn’t behave that way. 7 She won’t be/wil not be (not be) successful if she doesn’t learn to control her temper. 8 If you send (send) this letter now, she’ll receive (receive) it tomorrow. 9 You won’t be able/will not be able (be able/ not) to sleep if you watch (watch) this scary film. 10 If I find (find) your ring, I’l give (give) it back to you. 11 If her boyfriend doesn’t phone (phone / not) today, she’ll leave (leave) him. 12 If they don’t study (study / not) harder, they won’t pass/wil not pass (pass / not) the exam. 3 1 If I had got up earlier, I would have caught (catch) the bus. 2 If I had known (know) it, I wouldn’t have gone there. 3 If I had studied (study) harder, I would have passed (pass) the exam. 4 If I hadn’t left (not leave) so early, I would have met (meet) her. 5 If you had driven (drive) more carefully, you wouldn’t have (not have) an accident. 6 If we had played (play) a lit le better, we would have won (win) the match. 7 We would have gone (go) to the cinema if we had got (get) the tickets. 8 I would have cal ed (call) Mike if I hadn’t lost (not lose) his telephone number. 9 If Greg hadn’t been (not be) late for work, he wouldn’t have lost (not lose) his job. 10 Paula would have joined (join) the project if she had had (have) more information about it.

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