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Předmět Financing of research – training in grant applications (S4004)

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The financing of research and development is a complicated and rapidly changing area. It involves public financing which is closely related to the complex issues of research evaluation as well as a tough competition in acquiring grants and venture funds. The key question is how to get money for research and its results exploitation including transferring technology and creating spin-off enterprises.The subject will provide students with answers to questions arising around financing of research, development and innovation. They will become well oriented in different financial sources and funding opportunities and get a practical advice of how to prepare research grants applications.


1. Funding opportunities of research, development and innovationInstitutional and project based financingMost important international and national financial instruments and funding schemesSpecificity of funding basic and applied research, main differencesEuropean Research Area and Horizon 2020 (2014-2020)EU Cohesion Policy and Structural Funds (2014-2020)2. Understanding Project ManagementProject definition and life cycleLine Management versus Project ManagementPlanning techniques and tools, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)Successful project team building, motivation, team controlTime management principles and useful toolsRunning the project on day-to-day basisMonitoring, reporting and control3. Preparing International Grant ApplicationsCalls for proposals and information sourcesAim and objectivesBackground and significancePreliminary studiesResearch designWork planBudgetImpact and results exploitationEvaluation and post-review4. Project-based Collaboration and Knowledge TransferInter-cultural issues in projectsBridging two different worlds – principles of a successful co-operation with industryIntellectual Property – foreground and backgroundIntellectual Property protection (patents, copyrights, trademarks, licences etc.)Project results dissemination versus protectionCreation of spin-offs and business plansFinancing entrepreneurial activities – innovation support system in South Moravia


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MVDr. Zlatuše Novotná


MVDr. Zlatuše Novotná