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12. Literature

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12 . LITERATURE WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE – viz 14. otázka THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA – by ERNEST HEMINGWAY ERNEST HEMINGWAY: Hemingway wasa famous American writer he was born in19thcentrury in the USA he was member ofthe Lost Generation which was a group of peoplewho experienced war and weren’t able to start live normally again because their memories caused thempain and suffering Hemingway spent some timein civil war in Spain where he wasan ambulance driver he spentrest of his life in Cuba where he suffered from alcoholism and depression in 20thcenturyhe committed suicide his other novels are f.ex.: ForWhom the Bell Tolls, Green Hills of Africa, A Farewell to Arms (Sbohem, armádo) THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA Ernest wonthe Nobel Prize for this novel it tells a story ofan old Cuban firsherman called Santiago who hasn’t caught a fis for a long time he hasa young friend called Manolin one day Santiago decides to go fishing alone suprisingly he has a luck andhe catches a marlin but the fish is big and it pulls the boat all day and night in the end exhausted Santiagowins the battle and he is ready to go home unfortunatelly on the way backhe is attacked by sharks he tries to fight with them but it’s too difficult and he returns home only withmarlin‘s skeleton this novel shows not onlya battle of a man with nature but alsoa battle with himself the story tells that a man is able to face difficult situations and accomplish a lot of things if he really wants to I chose this book because I admire the Santiago’s strength to fight and doesn’t lose his heart

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