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3. Maturitní téma - United Kingdom

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UNITED KINGDOM Official name:The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Capital city: London Geographic position: UK is situated in the northwestern Europe. It is an island and it lies in the Atlantic Ocean. Area: UK occupies the area of 250 000 sq. km. Subdivision:UK is subdivided into 4 countries: England -> LondonScotland -> EdinburghWales -> CardiffNorthern Ireland -> Bellfash Population: UK has 60 million inhabitants. There are many imigrants, like people from Pakistan, Honkong, Africa, Banglades and Caribbean region. Symbols: flagand it´s a cross of st. Patric, the blue colour symbolizes Kingdom of Scotland and it´s a cross of st. Ondřej.anthem - God Save the Queen/Kingcurrency - poundpolitical systemother... Political system: = constitutional monarchymonarch (king/queen) now it´s Elizabeth II. representative and ceremonial role chief commander of the army head of the Anglican Church and the Commonwealth he/she inherits the titlegovernment head of the government is the Prime minister, now it´s David Cameronparliament - is subdivided into 2 chambers House of Lords representative of the church they inherit the seat peers House of Commons they are elected by British people for 4 yearspolitical parties the Conservative party the Labour party the Liberals Religion: Anglican ChurchNorthern Ireland - catholicBecause Britain is a cosmopolitan multiculture country, there is other religions, specialy: islam International organization:Britain is a member of many organization, it´s for instance: NATO, UN, Commonvwealth, WTO, G8, EU... Economy, industries and agriculture: production of iron and steelshipbuilding and heavy engineeringmineral resources: coal, oil and natural gasclothes, electronics, food and chemical industries Climate: west coast - high rainfall (due to winds blowing from the ocean)east coast - unlike the west coast is drier Places of interest: Liverpool It is one of the largest cities in England, founded in the 12th century. It is an important seaport. Liverpool is the city of famous group The Beatles and horse racing - Steplechase.Edinburgh from the Royal Mile to the Palace of Holyroodhouse. It's official Scottish residence of the British monarch. Other symbols of Edinburgh are: St. Gila Princes Street and the famous monument dedicated to Sir Walter Scott, who was born there.

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