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Business trip

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Business trip Purposes to train people(zaučovat)to promote(propagovat) your products (fairs and exhibitions)(veletrhy a výstavy)to deal with your suppliers(dodavatelé)to conclude new conracts(uzavřít nové zakázky)to launch new machinary(uvést nové stroje) Business travel isn’t like a vacationTravelling on business trip can betiringandstressfulYou can go abroad for a meeting with clients or suppliers, or you can fly to a nerly city every week to meet with your staff or your boss You should learn the customs(zvyky) there are many cultural differences in the use offirst names, theimportance of being on time and thesignificance of certain gestures /džestrs/(význam některých gest) for example inChina, during the greeting, they lower their eyes as a sign of respect and keeping eye contact for too long is bad, because it may be seen as a challenge of autority and for exampleItalians are one of the friendliest nations andIndians greet according to age, the oldest person in the room must be greeted first You should allow for delays planyour schedule withplenty of time between yourexpected arrival and yourfirst meeting/šedul/ (naplánujte svůjrozvrhs dostatkem času mezi vaším očekávaným příjezdem a vaším prvním setkáním) You should be prepared -ensure (zajistěte si) your luggage and make sure that your bag doesn‘t containany prohibited articles(zakázané předměty) - you alsohave to make sure that you haveyour passport and visa(vízum) -Now I tell you something about types of hotels. hotels in Britain are graded with stars fromone – star tofive – star You can order asinge room It is a room for one person with a single bed Or you can order adouble room It is a room for two people with one large double bed Or you can order atwin room It is room for two people with two single beds You can have afull board(plná penze) It includes breakfast, lunch and dinnerOr ahalf board(poloviční penze) It includes breakfast and dinner, without lunch You book your roomin advance(předem)and when you arrive to hotel youcheck in(odbavit se) at reception, then the porter carry your suitcases up to your room and you should give him a small tip Small talk You use it when you talk with people you know very little Safe topics You can make small talk about weather, sport or for example if you travel by bus and this bus is very full and there aren’t any free seats You can’t make small talk aboutsalaries or divorcesYou also shouldn’t speaknegatively about another person Not safe topics You shouldn‘t useone word answersBut you shouldask questions to show that you want tokeep the conversation going

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