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Czech holidays

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ANGLIČTINA MATURITNÍ OTÁZKY CZECH HOLIDAYS NEW YEAR´S DAY 1st JanuaryThis day also marks the beginning of the independent Czech Republic.The Czech Republic came into existence on January 1, 1993 after the separation of Czechoslovakia into two states – the Czech and Slovak Republics – on December 31, 1992.Reality: It’s the day after the New Year celebration so most Czechs try to get over their hangover. EATER SUNDAY AND EASTER MONDAY Easter is always the first Sunday after the first spring full moonEaster is the most important Christian holidayJesus was crucified on the cross on Good Friday and came back to life on Easter SundayOn the morning of Easter Monday, boys and men whip girls and women on their bottoms with a willow stick to make sure they stay healthy for the rest of the year.As a reward girls treat them with hand-painted eggs.Reality: Kids get a lot of chocolate sweets and adult men are often treated with a shot of alcohol LABOUR DAY 1st MayLabour day is celebrated to remember a strike by American workers in Chicago.The strikers wanted an 8-hour working day.Nowadays May 1 has become a day of love when lovers kiss under blooming cherry trees LIBERATION DAY 8th MayThis day celebrates the end of the Second World War (WWII) in Europe. JAN HUS DAY 6th Julyreligious reformer Jan Hus was burned in Kostnice ST. WENCESLAS DAY, THE DAY OF CZECH STATEHOOD 28th SeptemberThe day when the whole nation remembers the main patron saint of the Czech state. Wenceslas was one of the early Premyslid dukes of Bohemia.He was murdered by his younger brother Boleslav I. INDEPENDENT CZECHOSLOVAK STATE DAY 28th OctoberOn this day the Czechoslovak state declared independence at the end of the First World War VELVET REVOLUTION 17th NovemberIn 1989 the Velvet Revolution started as a student demonstration against the communist regime.This day of rememberance of the struggle and fight for freedom. CHRISTMAS 24th DecemberIn the morning a Christmas tree is decorated.In the evening the family have a diner.After dinner children await the ringing of the bell: it means that little baby Jesus has come to visit them and left presents under the Christmas tree.

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