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Dialects of english

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DIALECTS IN ENGLISH -lingua franca = the dominant language in business, diplomacy -British and American division - localized dialect American differences: -pronunciation – tomatoes, vase, vitamins, laboratory -spelling -vocabulary -vowel sound – British longer sound (z krku) -word stress - last syllable miss out – British – laboratory - centre/center - realize/realise USA -Webster – 1st American dictionary – chtěl aby se odlišoval od britského - puritans x people in villages - accent changes - ,,frozen in time”, took nothing from native American languages X Britain entitlement - new words from other languages - Shakespeare English = American, anglická se vyvíjela, americká zamrzla a je zastaralá - national identity - 19th century – population massively increased – place of new beginning - melting pot – Germans, Russians, Italians - immigrants wanted to speak better English - ranch, lasso, cactus – Spanish word – farming – west – expansion → new words - salon = hotel, poker - bluff -Boston tea party 1775 – guys dressed as native Americans – sense od identity, culture - GB was built on money from colonies - political protest against British empire – colonists dumped tea into harbor - Mark Twain – Huckleberry Finn Spelling - different because of national identity – independence - very few words Americans picked from Indians X british English evolves more (přebírání slov) - zebra - accents: Standard North American English - immigration background -class is less important, region and race are more important ,,life justbe that way I guess” – Afro-American English -slaves – couldn’t speak their language, because then they could rebel against slavers – language disappeared - they developed own way of speaking -double negatives - ,,we don’t need no education” - dialects often relate to race - similarity of slangs, dialect, grammar forms, missing prepositions - jewish immigrant background -pigeon English – mixing of cultures, business, Chinese BRITAIN - everything is about social class – the way you speak, what is your name, the school you go to.. - BBC – most common accent, = Queens English -Cockney – sound of ,,bow bells”, similar to Essex accent - long strong A -,,Landon” ,,batter” -rhyming slang – came from London – port – slavery – black market – slang - street guys didn’t want policemen to understand

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