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IRELAND Ireland is island, which lies in north-west Europe, close to the Great Britain. It’s surrounded by Atlantic Ocean on the west, Celtic Sea on the south and Irish Sea on the east. Ireland coversan area of 80 000 km2 andpopulation about 5 million people. Irelad is divided between two parts – Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland part of the United Kingdom. Irish currency is Irish pound. Republic of Ireland is constructional (konstrakšnl) republic withcapital and biggest cityDublin.Head of state is president. It flags consist of 3 columns – orange, white and green. Ireland is member of European Union. This island has a lot of rivers – the biggest one Shannon, but Lifey, Lee and Blackwater are important too.Biggest lake is Lough Neugh, other important ones are Lough Berg and lakes Lee and Grant. Highest peak is Carranntoohil (1000 m) lying in Macgillycuddy's Reeks (on south). Climate is modified by ocean, warm summers and mild winters. The patron of Ireland is Saint Patrick. His feast (svátek/hojnost) day is held on 17th March. On this day everyone is attending parades, wearing green and drinking a lot of Irish beer or Irish whiskey. World famous things are Irish beer, Irish whisky and Irish music. It’s also birthplace of many famous persons for exampleOscar Wilde, GB Shaw and all members of the groupU2. Dublin (capital city) city was founded by the Vikings in 841 under the name Dubh Linn The city became soon cultural and political centre of Ireland Monuments: Christ Church Cathedral, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Bank of Ireland Dublin Castle: today is the Cabinet Office Cliff of Mother Not far form Galway is also one of the impressive cliffs in Europe. They reach 120 meter above the sea Newgrange Newgrange tomb is located just 60 km of Dublin and the prehistoric monument is older then the Egyptian’s pyramids According to legend this is place where was originated Christianity The monument is currently listed on the UNESCO list Killarney National Park park is located on the southwest tip of Ireland (From Dublin it is over 300 km here) National park offers a unique nature – lots of lakes, waterfalls, rivers and crumbling historic buildings

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