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ANGLIČTINA MATURITNÍ OTÁZKY GREAT BRITAIN - LONDON London is the capital of the United Kingdom and England. It lies on the riverThames. It has population of 8 million people. London is the seat of the Queen, Parliament, the government and the Supreme Court. The City is the largest financial and commercial center of Europe. The city is 2000 years old. In 1666 the Great Fire of London destroyed 4/5 of the city. The architect constructed many new buildings including famousSt. Paul's Cathedral. The city of London The Tower of London is the most popular tourist attraction. It used to be a royal home, a prison and now it is a museum of weapons. The guards of the tower are called beefeaters. Tower Bridge can be raised in the middle, so ships can go through. The largest church of the City is St. Paul's Cathedral. It was built in the baroque style by Sir Christopher Wren. Weddings and funeral services of famous people are held there. The City of Westminster There are situated the Houses of Parliament. They are seat of British Parliament and are divided into 2 branches - the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Big Ben is tower named after the bell which has its name after Sir Benjamin Hall.Buckingham Palace - seat of the Queen. Oxford has been a university town since 12th century. It lies in the river Thames. Bicycles and punts are very popular means of transport especially for students. The first colleges opened there were Merton and Balliol. Today there are 35 colleges. University ceremonies and concerts are held in the Sheldonian Theatre, designed by Sir Christopher Wren.Other big cities in the UK Cambridge lies on the river Cam and it´s a university town. Oxford and Cambridge (together called Oxbridge) are big rivals and every year they organized rowing competitions. Peterhouse, first college, was founded in 1284. There are many museums, too. London Eye it´s a giant observation wheel by the Thames Big Ben - is the huge bell in the Clock Tower which was named after Sir Hall who supervised the rebuilding of the House of Parliament. Sherlock Holmes Museum - is museum of the famous detective who appears in stories written by Sir Doyle. This museum is at 221 Baker Street.

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