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Queen Victoria - the Nineteenth Century

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Queen Victoria – the Nineteenth Century Britain – the workshop of the world The economy shiftedfrom agriculture to industry and trade = the industrial revolution England wasthe first industrialized country on the world The steeppopulation growth = more people moved into the cities =urbanization England was capable of producing what other countries could not Hadfree trade Very advanced navy (merchant + war ships) Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, the Great Exhibition (1851) Victoria became queen when only18 yo Reigned for 64 years Married aGerman Prince –Albert of Saxe-Coburg Hedied quite young at the age of 42 Victoriagrieved for a long time (only wore black, avoided the public) Sheestablished theBritish empire It reached thegreatest expanse under her reign “Our life in the Highlands” Herpersonal diary with drawings –published as a book Madeher more popular Popular amongst the growingmiddle class – for the first time they got to know something from theprivate life of the monarch By peoplerespected queen The Great Exhibition 1851,backed mainly byPrince Albert Thefirst “world’s fair”, with most of the world’s nations exhibiting there Was held in theHyde Park in theCrystal Palace – prefabricated glass and steel construction (already showing off the technological advancement)Victorian Era Urbanization Thepoor lived in the citycentre, thewealthy in thesuburbs 80% of the population lived in the cities Suburbanrail transit Industrialisation Seaside resorts With the growth of the rail transit, people could go on a “quick holiday” Famous resorts: Blackpool, Brighton Thenew aristocracy Industrial revolution meant also, that not only landowners were rich It werethe business leaders Foreign policy Attacked China and made it allow the British tradeopium from India to China The danger ofRussian Expansion resulted in the war in Afghanistan “Indian Mutiny” –a revolt in India by Indian soldiers, later escalated and worsened the Indian-British relationship Africa: the British interest wasthe slave trade DavidLivingstone: famous explorer and missionary who explored to Europeans unknown parts of Africa Egypt: UK was worried, Egypt wouldblock theirway to India, therefore they bought shares in theSuez Canal company Egypt:brought down the British ruler –Britain invaded Egypt and stayed till 1954 Population grew rapidly – new areas of English settlement were: Canada – original population pushed westwards, then mixed Australia – aboriginal inhabitants were mostly killed (a few left in deserts) New Zealand – Maori suffered less than in Australia, but still did

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