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Maturitní otázka: USA
English 5. THE USA, AMERICAN CITIES LOCATION, BORDERS North America – between Canada and Mexico Alaska – northwest corner of North America – borders with Canada consists of 50 statesGEOGRAPHY (climate, landscape) area-2,959,064 square miles (7,663,940.6 km2) – the world third or fourth largest state; the largest state – Alaska the longest river system – Mississippi-Missouri (the forth longest in the world) important mountains – Sierra Nevada (California); Rocky Mountains (Colorado); Cordillera (Alaska) – the highest mountain (Denali – Mount McKinley) Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming, Montana, Idaho) – the first national park in the world climate – many climate types – from arctic and subarctic (Alaska), humid continental (the north of US), humid subtropical (the south of US), alpine climate (Western mountains), to tropical (Florida, Hawaii, Caribbean); common hurricanes and tornadosPOLITICAL SYSTEM federation, representative democracy president – Donald Trump currency – USDSPOKEN LANGUAGES MINORITIES English – 82% Spanish – 10% Chinese – 1% no official language at the federal level; states have official languages (only English/English and other language – Spanish, French…)CITIES capital city – Washington the biggest city – New York another big and important cities – Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, PhiladelphiaPLACES OF INTEREST Monument Mount Rushmore(South Dakota) sculptured portraits of four US presidents (George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Theodor Roosevelt) in Mount Rushmore Grand Canyon(Arizona) one of the oldest national park in US the river Colorado flows through the Canyon National park Sequoia(California) in Sierra Nevada national park protecting sequoias (the biggest one – 11 meters wide and 82 meters high) San Francisco(California) considered as a one of the most beautiful cities in the world Golden Gate Niagara Falls(New York) Everglades National Park(Florida) extensive wetlands, specific fauna and flora registered at UNESCO heritage site Fishlake National Forest(Utah) forest where all the trees have the same genetic code trees grow from one huge root system 80 thousand years old National Park Yosemite(California) the third oldest park on the planet Yosemite valley – Yosemite waterfall – the highest waterfall in North America (739 meters)

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