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Předmět Didaktika AJ II (AAA500117)

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Seminar 1 - Research methods in ELT and applied linguisticsEpistemology and ontology - subjectivism, relativism, positivism, post-positivism etc,How to read and understand an applied linguistics research articleThe quantitative and qualitative distinction - types of research, their use and applicationCritical reading in applied linguisticsSeminar 2 & 3- Teaching grammarPresenting and practising grammar - techniquesMistakes and correctionGrammar and accuracy in the Common Europe and Framework of ReferenceSeminar 4 & 5 - Teaching speaking Fluency and accuracyDesigning tasks and materials for speakingOrganizing time and space in speaking activitiesSources for speaking activitiesFeatures of communicative activitiesTypes of communicative activitiesHow to get your students to talk.Speaking and spoken interaction in the Common Europe and Framework of ReferenceSeminar 6 - Teaching listening The process and product dichotomyBottom-up and top-down approachesPrinciples of teaching listeningDesigning tasks, adapting tasksSources of materials for listening activitiesWorking with videos Listening in the Common Europe and Framework of ReferenceSeminar 7 - Teaching readingThe process and product dichotomy in relation to readingBottom-up and top-down approaches in relation to readingPrinciples of teaching readingDesigning and adapting tasks for readingGraded readers, school and class librariesUsing literatureReading in the Common Europe and Framework of ReferenceSeminar 8 - Teaching writingThe process and product dichotomy in relation to writingPrinciples of teaching writingDesigning and adapting tasks for writingMarking, grading and feedbackWriting in the Common Europe and Framework of ReferenceSeminar 9 - Testing, assessment, teaching for exams Testing, assessment, gradingDesigning language tests and exams Validity and reliabilityTypes of assessmentThe washback effectPreparing students for examsThe design of the Nová maturitaPreparing students for the Nová maturitaSeminar 10 - Content-integrated learningTeaching English for Specific Purposes Teaching English for Academic Purposes Content and Language Integrated LearningEnglish as a Medium of InstructionBusiness EnglishSeminar 11 - Curricular documentsCzech curricular documents - overview, critical evaluation, benefits and practical implicationsThe Common European Framework of ReferenceSeminar 12 - Teacher developmentTeacher autonomyContinuous development in all areas.Overview of recommended books, journals etc. Conferences/seminars, websites for teachersClassroom researchKeeping motivatedGrowing as an expert, growing as a personReflective teachingThe first year and beyondKariérní řádKeeping sane - preventing the burnout syndromeSeminar 13 - Practicum seminar + Cooperation at schools Organizace, význam a realizace povinné praxeTeacher cooperationTeacher-parent interaction and cooperation


Bibliography (selection)Brown, H. D. (2007). Teaching by principles: an interactive approach to language pedagogy (3rd ed.). White Plains, NY: Pearson Education.


Credit requirements (požadavky k zápočtu)- active participation and attendance (maximum of two unexcused absences)- preparing and delivering a microteaching slot (5-minute presentation of the material and the goals of the teaching + 15-minute teaching slot)- final written test based on the theoretical concepts introduced in the seminars and recommended reading as published in the Moodle


PhDr. Tomáš Gráf, Ph.D.