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Předmět Czech for advanced beginners (ABO200602)

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The aim of the course is to deepen the students’ existing knowledge of Czech and to build up on it. By the end of the semester the students are able to talk about actions in the past and future and form the plural. They will be able to describe their house or flat, speak about their hobbies and express in which part of their body they feel pain. They also converse about their plans for the future; especially those related to travelling, they are able to write a short letter (postcard) in Czech. The students can formulate questions related to these topics and have a chat about them in Czech. They employ the most frequent prepositions correctly.


Course book: New Czech Step by Step by Lída Holá, selected topics from units 6/7-13. FAMOUS PEOPLE; nationalities, countries(the past tense, adverbs expressing time) ADVERTISEMENTS; apartment/flat, house and furniture(verbs + direct object, to know in Czech, indefinite and negative pronouns, negation, prepositions ; the accusative)______________LEISURE TIME; sports, hobbies(the future tense, to go in Czech, prepositions do, na, k) THE HUMAN BODY; describing people, at the doctor‘s(nominative and accusative pl.,  accusative object-centered constructions, pronouns in accusative) TRAVELLING(prepositions + genitive singular) COOKING(possesive/partitive genitive)______________CHORES(verbal aspect, future tense of perfective verbs) ASKING FOR DIRECTIONS(prefixes, long and short verbs of motion) 


Holá, L.: New Czech Step by Step, Akropolis, Praha 2004, 244 s.Holá, L.: New Czech Step by Step Activity Book, Akropolis, Praha 2004, 128 s. Additional materials will be provided during the lessons.   For more information on all Czech language courses see: http://www.ff.cuni.cz/FF-1079.html 


Mgr. et Mgr. Magdalena Antonia HromadováMgr. et Mgr. Bc. Marie Štěpánová


Mgr. et Mgr. Magdalena Antonia HromadováMgr. et Mgr. Bc. Marie Štěpánová