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1. The United Kingdom

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THE UNITED KINGDOM the official name of the UK is theUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Irelanditscapital city isLondontheofficial language isEnglish but they also useother languages in different parts of the country likeWelsh, Scottishor Gaelictheircurrency is calledPound Sterlingthe countryconsist of 4 parts:England (London),Scottland (Edinburg),Wales (Cardiff),Northen Ir eland (Belfast)thehead of the state isthe Queen Elizabeth II. GEOGRAPHY AND WEATHER the UKis locatedin the north-west of Europe across theEnglish Channel between theNorth Sea andAtlanticOceanit consists of2 large islands →Great Britain andIrelandScotland andWales aremostly mountainous → the highest mountain isBen Nevis in Scotland rest of the UK has small hills and lowlandsthe largest river isthe Thames RiverGB is influenced bytheGulf Stream which brings warm airGB is known for being alwaysrainy and cloudythe weather is very changeable with frequent rainfall POLITICAL SYSTEM the UK isconstitution monarchythe government is led byPrime Minister (currentlyTheresa May)the Parliament consists of 2 parts: The House of Commons (Lower House) +the House of Lords (Upper House) the House of Commons is the place where declarations and laws are made the House of Lords checks the decitions made in the House of Commonsmain political parties aretheLaubor Party (left wing),the Conservative Party(right wing) andthe Liberal Party FLAG the national flag is calledthe Union Jack its combination of3 flags (Scotland, England and Ireland) its made up of3 white and red crosses on blue background SPORT football is the most watched sport in the UK clubs: Liverpool, Manchester United or Chelseaothe popular sports arecricket, rugby, tenis, polo and golf CHARLES DARWIN – physicist (theory of evolution)WINSTON CHURCHILL, MARGARET THATCHER - politicans FAMOUS PEOPLE WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE – playwrightDAVID BECKHAM – fotball player PLACES OF INTEREST STRATFORD UPON AVONis famous asbirthplaceof well-known playwrightWilliam Shakespeare OXFORD AND CAMBRIDGEare famous university towns STONEHENGEis the best knownprehistoric monumentit consists of circles of big stonesnobody is sure what it was for (maybe a place of worship) LOCH NESSis alake in Scotland where themonster Nessie lives LIVERPOOLused to be a very importantportand it gave birth ofThe Beatles BRIGHTONis famousseaside resortthe Royal Pavilion is situated here

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