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LIBRARIAN AS A PROFESSION characteristics of a good librarian, roles and duties There are various demands on libraries nowadays which means that demands on librarians´ specific knowledges are often beyond their general job description. Professional training, further education or previous experience could help the librarians with it. Basic qualities and skills required from librarians could be defined as: the ability to positive communication with peoplethe ability to understand to customers´ needsthe ability to co-operating with singles and groups in the communitythe knowledge and understanding to cultural diversitythe knowledge of materials in the fund of library and the ways to make them openthe understanding and respecting the rules of public servicesthe ability to co-operate on providing effective librarians´ servicesthe organization abilities and flexibility to implementation changesthe ability to work as a teamthe imagination, forethought and openness to new ideas and attitudes in practiceto be prompt to changes of works´ methods in new conditionsthe knowledge of information and communication technologies including their changes needed education (general and specialized) The qualified librarians should have a university education or postgraduate course of library science and information technologies. It is important to continuosly educate themselves in formal or informal base to stay in touch with progress in their branch. Librarians should be in touch with librarians´ schools in their countries and should have a full knowledge about the content of education there. The libraries should participate in the school work whenever it is possible, for example with the lectures, consultancy for perspective students and other propriate forms of co-operation. In these days could applicants for librarian profession study this subject at three universities in the Czech Republic. It includes Information studies and librarianship at the Faculty of Arts at Masaryk university in Brno, Information studies and librarianship at the Faculty of Arts and natural science at the Silesian university in Opava and Information studies and librarianship at the Faculty of Arts at Charles University in Prague. Expect for above mentioned schools could applicants for this subject study at Specialised Higher School of Information services in Prague, Business school, Secondary school of librarianship and Specialised Higher school of librarian, information and social services in Brno and Higher School in Valašské Meziříčí. Secondary education in this branch could people get at Business school and Secondary school in Valašské Meziříčí or at Secondary school of business, services and crafts in Tábor. branches of librarianship librarian processes:acquisition processing storing making accessible Acquisition Acquisition could be defined as getting documents or information for the fund of the library. Fund making includes fund´s profiling, detection and choosing documents and getting documents. The ways of getting documents are purchase, exchange, gift or legacy or compulsory print. Processing Processing could be defined as a creation of documentary fund (gathering of secondary documents like catalogues and lists of bibliography). Catalogues could be name and substantive. Name processing is the creation of bibliographical description, heading and name autorities. Substantive processing means the creation of the content of document´s characteristics. Storing Storing includes: propriate storage of documents in various storing devices optimal physical conception according to propriate ways of ordering transportation and redislocation of documents in library or system documents protection from negative effects or stealing primary storing= keeping information on the original medium secondary storing= keeping information transposed to another media Making accessible Making fund accessible allows: the possibility of entry into the fund (not just for the employees) direct contact with documents choosing from the fund studying documents in library copying the possibility of absence borrow library associations: Library associations gather people who are interested in librarianship with the goal of making better the quality of services in libraries (ČIS, SKIP, IFLA, LIBER, ELAG). ČIS- Czech information company- association of people who work in branch which includes searching information, keeping information or making it accessible (scientific, technical, economic….characters) SKIP- The association of librarians and people working with information in the Czech Republic

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