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- Canada is located in the north of the continet of North America

- it is bordered by the USA to the south and the north-west Alaska

- is the second largest country by area in the world

- it is surrounded in the west by the Pacific Ocean, in the north by the Arctic Ocean and in the east by the Atlantic Ocean

- two official languages – English, French (70% speak English, 22% speak French)

- continental climate with cold snowy winters and warm summers

- north – polar climate

- animals: the beaver, the moose, the Canada goose, the black bear, the grizzly bear


- only 30 millions inhibitants


- the Queen Elisabeth – the monarcho f the UK is head of state

- federal systém of goverment

- goverments sits in the House of Commons

- national parliament is in Ottawa

- the parliament is bicameral

- each province also has its own parliament


- first settlements goes back 25 000 years

- as 1. Portuguese colonized Canada in the 15th century

- after Portuguese there were French – 18th century

- and thencontrol moved to the British

- 1867 – Independency

- 1982 – Canada Act – formally separated from the UK


- beaver – important for trade

- maple trees and leaf

- trees have playe dan important role in the historical development of Canada

- Canada’s national anthem

- Nathional flag

- 4 symbols of Canada on the shield – the three royal lions, the floral emblems of the 4 founding nations: the English rose, the Scottish tristle, the French fleur-de-lis and the Irish shamrock, royal Crown at the top

GEOGRAPHY – surflace, lowland, waters

- south – forest

- North – tundra

- west – Canadian Rocky Mountains

- rivers: Mackenzie and St Lawrence are the longest



- the capital of Canada, which is in Ontario


- the largest city in the French-speaking province of Quebec


- the largest Canadian metropolis also in Ontario

- atractions – CN tower – the world’s tallest tower


- popular destination

- largest city on the west coast

- people admire the natural beauty in several national parks: Banff National Park in Alberta – dramatic landscape and wildlife


- logging and oil industries – two of Canada’s most important

- automobile industry, aircraft in

- 8th largest fishing and seafood industry


- grains and oilseeds (wheat, durum, oats, rice, corn), wine


- ice- hockey

- American football

- basketball, lacrosse, curling


- Margaret Atwood – writer (The Blind Assasin)

- Leonard Cohen – singer and poet

- Neil Young – singer

- Nelly Furtado – pop singer

- Celine Dion – Queen of pop

- Jim Carrey – the comedian

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