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Salzburg Basic information about the location: Tourists also visit Salzburg because of the historic centre and the scenicAlpine viewsSalzburg was the birthplace of 18th-century composerWolfgang Amadeus MozartNear the Salzburg city centre it’s Salzburg’s lake location, there are many lakes, the biggest Wallersee and many cycle lanes around these lakes (for example Mozart’s cycle lane)It's in the region Salzburg – map Accomodation We are going to stay in the hotel Adlerhof, 300 m far from train station, 15 minutes from the city centreThe hotel is a historical and protected building (1900), rooms are arranged in traditional style, we pay for one room for 2 persons and it’s for 2529 crowns for night and we are going to stay there for two nights.We have also breakfasts in Sweden form there Food Breakfast: Salzburg’s eggs meal with farmer breadLocal specialities: Salzburg’s dumplings (from sugar snow) – in restaurants is served in big portions like a main course. Three dumplings are symbols of three Salzburg’s big mountains. Next speciality are rollers with cabbage.Deserts: patties with plum and original Mozart’s balls from pistachio marzipan (are handmaded in Fürst cafés )Restaurants: Imlauer Sky (luxury and popular), Augustiner Braustuebl, where is typical Salzburg’s beerCafés: the best are Tomaselli and Bazar Festivals: There are Salzburk’s philharmonic celebrations from the end of the July to the start of the August (for six weeks), where famous opera singers from whole world perform and it contains also stage plays and concerts – it’s 200 performances in total. 3 “must see” sites or activities: Trip to bergSchafberg by small red train for tourists. On the top of the mountin is beautiful view on Alpen and Salted closet( altitude difference1190 m)Near the Salzburg inBerchtesgaden areSalt mineswhere you can take a look to real salt mine with a guide. It’s an adventurous trip for visitors, but you have to wear special dress (because of cold weather)The biggest glacier cave in the worldis located there! It names Werfen and to this place you can get by the sheerest cable car in the world or you can walk there by yourself.Monuments in Salzburg: Castle Hohensalzburg-on the top of the Monk Beg,Mirabels palace with beautiful gardens-in the palace is marble hall which is the most beautiful hall for weddings,Mozart’s birth house Transport We are going there by travel bus GOEURO from Brno to Prague and then from Prague to Salzburg. It takes cca 9 hours with all transfers. Daily Spending Budget: Food in Austrien restaurant cost cca 9.82 EURO for one personLocal beer 0,3 l cost 0.74 EURO and 0,5 l 0.98 EUROAccomodation: 93,6 EURO per room for nightTransport: 3189 crowns for 2 peopleBus 150 from Salzburg to Bad Ischl. (Single Journey Train from Bad Ischl to Hallstatt Bahnhof (Single Journey 4.20 € per person/ Day ticket for 8.40 €) Total Week cost: Daily litinerary: What we will do: The first day we are putting up in the hotel and then we will have a dinner in a recommend restaurant GolgasseAfter the dinner we will walk around the Salzburg city centre with a guide who is going to show us main orientation pointsThe second day after the breakfast in the hotel we are going to go sightseeing.

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