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8. Travelling, means of transport

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8. Travelling, means of transport Travelling is a part of life of each of us. If you don´t live in a town you work or go to school, you have to commute. Travelling could be also a hobby. Lots of young people like to travel through Europe or America or if they are rich around the world. They found new places, new culture, meet new people. A lot of people travel for their holiday to explore new places. Some people travel abroad to learn new languages or to earn some money. Some people travel far away from their home because of starting new life in a place where they can be free and where nobody knows them and where they can be on their own. Or they just want to visit their relatives to celebrate different occasions or because of business trip and so on. Disadvantages: It is dangerous if we meet bad people, we can get lost, money can be stolen. In dangerous places it is better to take a guide, travelling polluted the nature – it is environmentally unfriendly because of gasses. It takes a lot of time. There are many ways how people can travel. The means of travelling are different. In the past they travelled only on the horse. Then people invented rails. At the beginning of 20. century people invented cars and start to using the train. Cars were much less slow, much less comfortable, only rich people could afford it. Means of transport: By bus A: Cheaper – the price is not so high and there are cut prices for students or for retiree, quite fast, can get anywhere D: crowded, dirty, dangerous in some places, uncomfortable – lack of place, usually no toilet in a bus, no privacy, it could be hot in the summer, it is not punctual, delays, we have to check timetables/schedule By car A: comfortable, we can stop whenever and anywhere we want, there is enough space in the trunk for luggage D: expensive gas, traffic jams/rush hour, you have to pay for insurance and re-pair service, for fuel By train –quite fast with comparison with other means of transport A:fast, cheap, more comfortable – more space, more privacy, sleeping and dining cars, toilettes, we can rest, D:can´t get everywhere, for long distances, less dangerous than a bus, disgusting toilettes, shabby, we must wait for connection, sometimes we have to change – so it takes a lot of time By plane:if you go with a travel agency you have to be at the airport two hours before A:best way for a long way, the fastest and safest way of travelling, comfortable, food including, less dangerous, on board you can buy something D:the price depends on the destination and on the travel agency, non-smoking, we have to turn off your mobile phone when the plane is taking off and landing – turn on a plane mode on your mobile phone By bike A: cheap, healthy, good for environment, you can get everywhere, stop where you want D: slow, dangerous, problems with luggage On foot A: the cheapest way of travelling, healthy, keeps you fit, improves for condition, D: slow, for short distances, dangerous when you are alone On boat A: could be cheap or expensive it depends, D: slow, only where is the water, noisy, not so dangerous At the airport - at first you have to check-in your luggage, pass the passport control, there are duty shops, gates, air terminals, the exit gates, … - there are arrivals and departures boards - the flight can be cancelled or delayed - to weigh one´s luggage (zvážit něčí zavazadla), fasten the seat belts (zapnout si pásy), be requested to stop smoking (být vyzván přestat kouřit), hijack a plane (unést letadlo), take off (vzlétnout), land (přistát) At the railway station - there are waiting halls, ticket office, Exchange office, platforms, waiting room, left luggage off (úschovna zavazadel), luggage locker (skříňka na zavazadla), restaurant, rest room, time table, .. - arrivals and departures board - passenger train (osobák), goods train (náklaďák), fast/express (rychlík), get on/off (nastoupit, vystoupit), coach (vagón), compartment (kupé), ticket collector (průvodčí), corridor (chodba), single, return, season ticket Going abroad, travel agency When you want to go abroad you have two possibilities – you can go with travel agency or you can go by your own and arrange your own holiday. With travel agency – we can buy package holiday – everything is done for you because the travel agency cares about everything – accommodation, booking, ticket for plain or other kinds of transport. But it could be sometimes very dangerous, because if the travel agency bankrupts, you can stay in the foreign country without help. In this case you have to find our tour embassy and ask for help. Or it could happen, that you pay for comfort holiday and you get terrible accommodation without bath, air condition… But it has got a lot of advantages – you have got special program, you can do a lot of trips with a tour guide and get more information about the town, sight, habits… Own holiday – you have to care about everything – you have to book the place for accommodation, full or half board, tickets or travel with own car, you have to have own insurance, map… But you can do everything what you want, you are not depend on other people. Necessary documents and things: valid passport, visa, we must change the money, insurance for traveling and for whole stay, phone number for embassy, …. Transport problems Buses or cars aren´t very friendly to the environment because of gasses in the atmosphere, which cause greenhouse effect. Gasses cause breathe damages.

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