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7. Maturitní téma - European Union

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THE EUROPEAN UNION 27 members countries502 519 978 inhabitants6 countries found it1951 everything started2004 CR joined17 countries which has euro12 stars on the flag23 official languages History: After the Second World War, in9 May 1950the idea of "united Europe"1951 - ECSC (European Coal and Steel community) -> 6 countries (Lnx, Bel, Net, Fr, Ge, It)1957 - EEC/EURATOM (European economic community) ->deeper integration1967 - they created Council of Ministers (now Council of EU) European Parliament Commission1979 - the first public elections to the EP took place1992 - Maastricht Treaties introduced news forms of cooperation single European market the European Union2002 - 12 states (out of 15) adopted Euro, the single European currency 3 countries didn´t: GB, Swed, Denmark Slo, Slovenia, Esto, Cyprus, Malta - used Euro2004 - CR + 9 other states, they joined to EU (Malta, Cyprus, Latvia, Poland, Estonia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Lithuania, CR, Hungary) <=biggest enlargement2007 - last enlargement => Romania, Bulgaria entered2013 - Croatiacandidate states: Turkey, Serbia, FJRM (Former Jugoslavian Republic of Macedonia) Goals: peace and stabilitystable economic development and prosperitysustainable development in other areas (social affairs/environment)EU ensure freedom, safety justice...protects the culture of heritage of all nations and cultural diversity Rights: to live/to study/to work/to travel...to vote and be elected! The Charter of fundamental rights of the EUthe right to strikereconcile the..(family and profesional life)equality Symbols: flag - blue background with 12 golden (yellow) stars -> it symbolizes prosperity, peace etc..anthem "Ode to Joy"Europe Day (annualy on 9 May)currency - Euro Institutions: European Commission in Brussels 27 members (commissioners) run the EU on the daily basic implement the new legislation/regulations/directives..European Parliament 754 MEPs, CR - 22 MEPs they propose, pass new legislation responsible for the budget supervise the commissionCouncil of the EU in the past it was called Council of Ministers 27 councellors ministers responsible for the given agenda new legislation budget every 6 months a different country presides the Council of the EUEuropean Council discuss priorities/visions/directions/the future of the EUECJ= European Court of JusticeECA = European Court of AuditorsECB= European Central Bank (in Frankfurt)

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