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14) System of government in the USA

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14. System of government in the USA  USA is a federation of 50 states (2 of them are not very close to the other states – Alaska is in the north of American continent and Hawaiian islands are situated in the Pacific Ocean)  democratic republic  their constitution is one of the oldest and it is also the first one that guaranteed freedom of religion, freedom of speech, the right for a fair trial o it went to effect in 1787 o its flaw was that it did not guaranteed these right for women and slave  president Donald Trump  they have a state (head is a governer) and federal government (head is the president)  3 branches – executive, legislative, judicial LEGISLATIVE  Congress – upper chamber (Senat) and lower chamber (House of Representatives) o Senat  100 members, 2 from each state  elected for 6 years. every 2 years one third is renewed o House of Representatives  435 members  elections every 2 years EXECUTIVE  they do not have a prime minister, the head of executive branch is the president plus ministers  president Donald Trump o he is practically a prime minister and president in one person (he holds a lot of power) o he is the commander in chief of the armed forces o he has a veto right o elected for 4 years and he can be elected two times  presidential elections o candidates from each party organize a campaign and they tour through the country o than the elections in each state are held o people vote (each state has a number of electors according to the population of the state – those electors than go to Washington and officially vote for president) o the candidate that wins in a certain state takes all the votes (winner takes it all) JUDICIAL  they have state courts and federal courts  there are 11 courts of Appeal and the highest one is the Supreme court o judges are nominated for life time by the president POLITICAL PARTIES  two big ones – Democratic Party and Republican Party  Democratic Party o is more liberal o they think that the government should provide wide social and economic support for those who need it o symbol: donkey  Republican Party o puts more emphasis on business and individual initiative o symbol: elephant

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