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17. Food

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17. FOOD for Czechs its common to eata light mealin the morning and evening andthe biggest mealat luncha typical breakfast consists of:yogurtorbread with butter, salami andcheesedinner can be different in each family → it can be justbread with butter or somecooked mealwe have many typical Czech meals: one of them isSVÍČKOVÁ → it’s atenderloin covered ina sweet creamy sauce and served withcranberry sauce, a slice of lemonand dumplings GOULASH in the Czech version of the Hungarian dish → it’s usually made ofbeef and onions and served withdumplings another traditional food isROASTED PORK WITH SAUERKRAUT AND DUMPLINGS SCHNITZEL, which isfried pork or chicken, is also popular the Czech Republic is number one inBEERconsuption but they also like drinkingWINE especiallyin Southern Moravia there arelots ofwine cellars CHRISTMAS DISHES: in the evening families gather together to have a traditional dinner which consists offish soupand fried carp with potato salad Christmas dinner should be the first meal consumed that day those who can last are believed to seea golden pig before the Christmas holidays many kinds ofsweet biscuits are prepared and then served during the whole Christmas period TYPICALFOOD AND DRINKS FROM THE US AND GB GB the English national meal isfish and chipsroast meal(pork, beef, lamb) is usually served withpotatoes, peas, carrots, gravy andYorkshire puddingtypical English breakfast consists of:fried bacon, sausage, eggs, tomatoes and somethimesmushrooms it’s usually served witha cup of black tea with milk orcoffee US breakfast and lunch are usuallyeaten on the run sothe biggest meal of the day is mostlydinnerfor breakfast they havepancakes with maple sirup, toasts with peanut butter, eggs, fried bacon orcornflakeswith milkfor lunch they usually havean unhealthy food likepizza, hot dog, hamburgeror sandwichAmericans work long hours so they are often too tired to cook and they rather bring homeChinese orMexicanfood orhave a pizza delivered Mexican food: typical mexican meal isburrito which is a big tortilla stuffed with cheese, meat and vegetables

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