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Tourist attractions of Washington DC and NYC

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Tourist attractions of Washington D. C. and New York City The Library of Congress (Washington) Thebiggest library building in the worldNational library of the US The White House (Washington) The officialresidence andworkplaceof thePOTUS since 1800Neoclassical building, completed in 1800Part of it is the famousOval Office The role of Congress (Washington) TheSeat of Congress is in the United States Capitol Located on theCapitol hill Neoclassical building, completed in1800 Haswhite exterior (*like all the principal buildings of executive and judicial branches) Divides Washington DC into4 sections (Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, Southeast)Congress = House of Representatives + the SenateCan make new laws, is thelegislative branch of the US fed government The Seat of the President (Washington) The White House The Lincoln Memorial (Washington) A national monument builtto honour Abraham Lincoln finished 1922Greek revival style of building Lincoln Memorial Reflecting pool (Washington) Thelargest of reflecting pools in Washington (618x51m)Reflects either the Lincoln Memorial, or the Washington Monument The Washington Monument (Washington) Amarble obelisk buildto commemorate George Washington (1st POTUS)World’stallest obelisk andtallest stone structure The Statue of Liberty (NYC) Considered asymbol of freedomLocated onLiberty IslandGiven to the USAby France in 1884 Empire State Building + Central park (NYC) Anart deco (1931)skyscraper located in Manhattan, NYCFrom1931 to 1970 the highest building in the worldSteel and glass constructionNYC’s landmarkCentral park is anurban park located inManhattan,most visited urban park in the US and a verypopular filming location The World Trade Centre (NYC) Was acomplex of 7 buildings inManhattan (NYC)The most famous ones were theTwin Towers Opened 1970 Then thehighest buildings in the World OnSeptember 11, 2001 Al-Qaeda hijackers flew two civilian Boeing jets into the Twin Towers They later that day thecomplex collapsed and overall2 606 people were killed there

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