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19. Bank accounts, methods of payment

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19. Bank accounts, methods of payment A bank is an organization, usually a corporation, that accepts deposits, makes (grants) loans, issues credit and debit cards, pays, cheques, and performs some other services. Banks are institution that deal with money and provide other financial services. Banks buy and sell money for profit. Types of accounts: Current account (checking) = I can use it every day. There is no or very low interest but on the other hand the bank usually does not charge any fees for running it. I can withdraw and store money any day and anytime. With your CA customers get debit cards. Deposit account = I cannot withdraw money at any time. I can´t use money every day. I have to give notice which depends on the period of a time deposit account. We can´t use money when we want but the money makes some percentage. Saving account = earn some interest If i want to ask for an account, I have to go to a bank which I´ve chosen. Fill in the forms, sign the contract, we can deposit some money. Then we get an account number. After few days we get by post debit card and PIN. A credit card allows you to buy goods or services in shops, hotels, at railway stations and so on without paying cash. With debit card we can pay in the shopping centre for purchases. We can use online-banking. We can throw the Online-banking pay our regular payments. For example, pay for rent, pay bill for electricity, insurance, mobile phone, taxes. But if we have an account we also have to pay some fees. Fees for withdraw, income money, but something is free of charge. We can deposit our salaries, wages, regular payments, … Statement shows you how much money you still have on the account. How much money we spend, shows the balance, transactions, and so on… In the past they were sent by post, nowadays they are send online, if we use online-banking service. The first banks were probably the religious temples of the ancient world, and probably started sometime during the 3rd millennium before Christ. Banks probably predated the invention of money. At the beginning deposits consisted of grain and later of other goods including cattle, agricultural produce, and eventually metals such as gold or silver. Temples (chrám) and palaces were the safest places to store gold here. In our country it is an account to which salaries are typically paid (they are directly transferred from the companies for which the customers work). This is a simple system allowing payments of rent, gas, water and electricity bills, TV and radio charges. A bank loan is an agreed sum of money lent by a bank to a customer to be repaid at a later date, usually with interest (a contract between a buyer (a borrower) and a seller (a lender)).

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