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19 - My school

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19. My school − Our school, the Business Academy and Public Vocational School is located in Hradec Kralove − There are four fields of study: business, public administration, social activity and Economic Lyceum − You must study for 4 years and pass the maturita exam to graduate − Our school lies on Pospisilova street in a historical building • We've moved into this building two years ago • Before that the school was divided into two bulidings, one in Hradec Králové and the second in smal vil age a few kilometres away • There are two other highschools next to the building, the building of our school is in a middle of them • It is in the center of the town − There is 5 classes in each grade − Our school has about 500 of students and 60 teachers − There are 2 native speakers as a teachers − There is more girls than boys − The school does not have its own canteen, so there is longer lunch break − The head of the school is Mrs Jana Vitvarová − You can choose from five languages as a second language: German, Russian, French, Spanish and Italian − There are two gyms − There is more than five rooms with computers − Language school belongs to our school

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