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3. Geography of the British Isles and the US

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3. Geography of the British Isles and the US profile: The USA state: The British Isles USA America is the second largest continent (after Asia) which covers about 42 mil. Km2the name of continent is derived from Amerigo Vespucci (Florentin who drew maps of the newly discovered continent and signed them)Native Americans lived in America for thousands of yearsEnglish people went to the place now calledJamestown(Virginia)other European settlers went to the colonies (mostly from England and also Spain, France and Netherland colonized North America)in 1775 began the war between 13 colonies and Britain (because colonies were upset over paying taxation to their government in UK, but were not being given chance to vote in UK elections to contribute how money was spent)on July 4th, 1776Founding Fathers wrotethe United States Declaration of Independencethey won theRevolutionary War and started a new country (General George Washington – first president)US shares land borders withCanada (to the north) andMexico (to the south) and territorial water withRussia (in the northwest)United States consists from50 states and1 district (district of Columbia)itsfederal republic, to be specific they havepresidential democracywe can divide US into these regionsThe Northeast,The North Central Region,The South andThe Western Coast The Western Coast coastline which meets theNorth Pacific Oceanrefers to states of California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska and Hawaiioceanic and mediterranean climate (immensely contrast)has been populated by immigrants (Spanish, French, Russian)because of Spanish colony and Mexican territory they have distinctive Hispanic tone (which also shares with the rest of Southwest)they have large % (75%) of American Indian, Philipinos and Asian communities we can see Asian American concentration in San Francisco and Los AngelesPortland and Seattle are both considered among the coffee capitals of the world (Starbucks – Seattle)culture was shaped by its forests, mountains and rain (may affect that they have many high-quality libraries and bookshops)magnificent beaches (Butterfly beach, Manhattan beach, Maui)in California we have mountain rangeSierra Nevada(famous and popular in sports)tourism is really important industryCalifornia nickname is theGolden State (because of weather, gold rush – in mid 19s century people were moving to explore and they were looking for wealth and gold) Los Angeles is the largest city in the West Coast and its second largest city in USits highly populatedlargest urban culture (presence of a great number of very different people in very limited space)its home toHollywood9/10 of American films are made there (largest conglomeration of TV studios)walk of fameLA information technology and science (home for internet startups)but not everything is nice about LA they have huge problem withpollution,smog,homelessnesslarge share of green cities (city designed with consideration for social, economic and environmental impact for existing population) bicycling and organic gardening San Francisco nicknameFriscotypical for Frisco are trainsits hillyAlcatraz (its island with used to be prison, now its touristic attraction)Golden Gate BridgeSan Francisco has cosmopolitan ethnic populations1st LGBT community (Harvey Mile – first mayor, assassinated)Chinatown – largest concentration of Chinese people outside of Asiahomeless people problem (it’s very expensive to live there)SanSan – San Francisco and San Diego (megalopolis) Hawaii Hawaii hot spots (volcanic hotspots)8 islandsimportant because ofpineapple crops andsugar cane cropsPearl Harbour(US pacific Fleet)surfingdiverse culture – native Polynesiandiverse fauna and florahula dance Alaska highest peakMount McCinleyis known for outdoor for exampleIron Dog snowmobile, World Ice Art Championships San Diego the most populous city in US British Isles this topic refers to the difference betweengeographicalandpolitical terms for the countries and Islands ofthe British IslestheBritish Islesrefers to allislands which make up this archipelago such asGreat Britain,Ireland,the Orkneys,The Shetland Isles andthe Hebrides (these are all principally geographical terms)Great Britain(actually a geographical term often used to refer to the state) consists ofScotland,Wales andEngland.together withNorthern Ireland they form the UKeach country within the UK has its own capital (Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh, and London) but the capital of England is also the capital of the UKthe Republic of Ireland or Eire is the sovereign state of the rest of IrelandConfused? Here is a small diagram I borrowed from Wikipedia to help you The British Isles, Great Britain and Ireland are geographical terms the rest are legal or political terms.

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