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2. generations and relationships

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2. Generations and relationships Getting along with people around you (family, friends, classmates…)What qualities to look for in a friendGeneration gapYoung people moving in together without being married (age, maturity…)Changes throughout generationsProblems faced by youths in the past compared to those of todayYour priorities and the way they could have changed in the course of your studies at Tyl Our community is based on interpersonalrelationships. Relationships depend f.e. on gender, surrounding of living, temperament and also age. It means that relationships are closely connected with all kinds of generations. Getting along with people around us is sometime a bit complicated. Everyone has different temperament and this is one of the factors that determines people to see eye to eye with each other. A choleric can’t stand many people on the other hand phlegmatic is friendly with larger amount of people. It is important to know how to deal with people around you - especially with family, friends or classmates. To prevent any future problems is great to look for friend with qualities you expect. As far as I know true friend should be honest and kind. He/she should be patient when you need to be heard. And in hard times be here for you every single minute. In today´s life we actually may see a few types ofgenerations. The youths, the elders and people in middle age. This situation causes the generation gap. Everyone has another opinion based on current experience and this supports interpersonal problems. F.e. our grandmother doesn’t understand some acts which adolescents finds ordinary. Old men are angry about standing in bus and young boys can’t understand why their grandfathers aren’t interested in the newest PC game. As time goes by the traditions are changing. Thanks to our hurried lifestyle we often make a fuss with our parents/grandparents about new habits. Our grandparents get used to be married and then have children. Nowadays some people are literally living in the sin and they don’t want to be married. They just live together and even have children. Another difference throughout the generations are women who have the first child further because of their career. Every generation has different point of view and they had to face some problems. Our grandparents/parents lived in politics system where they preferred maternity instead of career. They couldn’t travel and also say what they want in public. Our generation needn’t to solve problem like this but the freedom and many possibilities have also disadvantages – choose right school or personal business … In comparison with past, I can say that everyone have their own truth and we should try to understand why they are telling us all the stuff. The older you are the more experienc ed you are. Well, is never wrong to hear ideas from grandparents because they usually know what they are speaking about and they are just worried about our happiness and safety.

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