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21. Shopping and lifestyle

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21. SHOPPING AND LIFESTYLE shopping is quite an important activity in our life because it helps us get necessary thing like food or clotheswhen you go shopping you can go either toa big department store or tothe specialized shop DEPARTMENT STORES aremore comfortable because you can buy everything thereyou arein one building so you don’t have to travel through whole townthe disadvantage is that there can beproblem with the service if there is a lot of people you can’t easily find a staff to help youyou can alsoget lost more easily → it’s dangerous especially for small children NORMAL SHOPS – BOUTIQUES in normal small shopsthere is not everything in one particular shop so you have to go to more shops if you want different productsthere is alsonot open whole day and on weekends the shops are usually closedon the other handshop assistants in smaller shopsare much friendlierthere are many different kinds of small shops: THE GROCERY SHOP – sells food THE GREENGROCER – sells fruit and vegetables THE BUTCHER – sells meat THE BAKERY – sells bread and cakes THE NEWSAGENT’S – sells newspapers and magazines THE JEWELLER – sells jewellery THE BOOKSHOP – sells books ONLINE SHOPPING is very popular nowdaysyou have a choice oflots of goods and shops fromall over the worldit’s easy to shop on the internet because youdon’t have to leave your house orwait in long queueson the other hand youcan’t actually see ot try the goods you’re buying and youhave to wait to receive them WINDOW SHOPPING is when you go shoppingjust to see what the stores have without actually buying anything SHOPPING IN PŘEROV in Přerov there aren’t many shopspopular place to shop is new shopping centre calledGalerie Přerov which is located instead of former sh.c. Priorwe often have to go toOlomouc for a wider choice of shopsthe offer of supermarkets in Přerov is good but speaking about clothes and electronics, Olomouc is definitely better ABOUT ME I used to go shopping quite often but nowdays I don’tI like clothes shopping because I like to buy and wear something newI also like shopping online because there is better choice of goods and sometimes it’s even cheaper than in shops CZECH SOUVENIRS cut glass, beer, porcelain, spa wafers, pralines with rum

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