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25 - Conditions and Terms of work, Applying for a job

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25. Conditions and terms of work, Applying for a job − If you want to apply for a job you should write a motivation letter and send a CV − In your motivation letter you should have something original or interesting, that others may not have − Your CV should include al working experiences, language and other skil s and information about your education and also your personal info, like date of birth, address or hobbies − You should go to work on time and be responsible, fil your tasks, otherwise you can get fired − It is good to cooperate with the others if you work in a team or a bigger company − You can work as a part-time or full time − You can also work as a volunteer, especial y in institutions focused on taking care of people − You can go on internship, paid or unpaid − You must have recommended qualification − You must pay taxes from your salary

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