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4. Maturitní téma - London

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LONDON London was founded in 43 a.d. (anno domini) by Romansit was fortressit was called LondiniumLondon has 10 million inhabitants.London is subdivided into 32 borroughs + The City of London (The City of Westminster, Greenwich -> observatory, "Zero Meridian", West End, West Ham, Chelsea, Fulham...) History: 1665 - the plague hit London1666 - The Great Fire of London1941 - 1942 - German bombings1860 - 1863 - the tube was opened The Great Fire of London and narrow streets, a lot of wooden houses and unfortunately was blowing dry and strong wind. The Fire destroyed about 13 000 houses and also the original St. Paul´s Cathedral. People escaped to the countryside. The City of Westminster Westminster Abbey the poet´s corner famous artist are buried there There were also filmed come scenes from the movie The Da Vinci Code.Houses of Parliament Big Ben (St. Stephen´s tower)Buckingham Palace official residence of the queenTrafalgar Square Admiral Nelson´s Columm -> he beat Napoleon The City of London The Tower of London it was a prisonThe Tower BridgeSt. Paul´s Cathedral Interesting places: London Eye Hyde Park "free-speach zone"Oxford street shopping street like Pařížská in PraguePicadilly CirkusThe Globe theatre founded by Shakespear10 Downing Street official residence of the Prime MinisterRoyal Albert Hall building was built by Queen Victoria for her deceased husband Albert today is a concert hall = for example, there were concerts by artist like Led Zeppellin, Jimi Handrix, Deep Purple and other artists. Places of interest: Sea Life London Aquarium from the River Thames. In the monumental building on the 3 floors you can watch there something about 500 kinds of aquatic animals, including sharks, stingrays, moray eels, crabs and so on.Picadilly Circus Square Picadilly Circus is one of the most famous square in London. Is relatively small, but it´s located in the centre of the busy West End, in modern central London. Unlike the other square are surrounded by museums and galleries, so here is mainly shops, boutiques and restaurants, so there's always a lot of people.

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