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Holidays in UK, USA, CZ

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HOLIDAYS IN THE UK TROOPING THE COLOUR Junequeen’s official birthday ceremonyRoyal standard is flown from Buckingham PalaceUnion Flag is flown from public buildings. REMEMBRANCE DAY 11th Novembertake place at Cenopath in Londontwo minutes of silence at 11 AMsymbol: red poppy Christmas 12-Day festival starting on 24thDecember - Christmas EveFinishing on 6th January - feast of Epiphanybefure christmast children write letters to Father ChristmasThey opent their present early morning on Christmas day 25th DecemberFor dinner - roasted turkey and plum puddingBoxing day (26th December) is also a holiday-gentry give little gift boxes to their severants GUY FAWKES’ NIGHT 5th November 1605unsuccessful attempt to blow up Guy FawkesBonfires - a "guy" is burned there Fireworks MAY DAY the first Monday in Maypeople put a tall maypole in the centre of townpopular in Qxford – at 6AM a choir sings a hymn to spring HALLOWEEN 31st October 4it was believed that at this night evil spirits would come out and everyone would stay at homenowadays people have parties, children wear costumes, they crave pumpkinstraditional food - Apples, pumpkins, baked potatoes and toffetraditional games - apple bobbing ST. VALENTINE DAY 14th Februarynamed after Christian martyr who died because he had wedded many couples in the times of war when marriages were forbidden EASTER Maundy Thursday the Queen gives Maundy Money to the poorgood Friday – hot cross buns are eaten with butterSunday Easter – people go to church, wearing smt newEaster egg hunt, egg rollingEaster Monday – is a holiday in the UK BURNS NIGHT 25th Januarybirthday of Robert Burnstypical dishes (haggis, potatoes, turnip) Bagpipes, dances, kilts EISTEDDFOD first week in Augustin Wales, festival of music, literature and arts THE EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL 12th August – 2nd Septemberfestival of Scottish music and dancingtypical sports - tossing the caber, throwing the hammer or tug-of-war HOLIDAYS IN THE USA EASTER April 14th (asi)Christian holiday but people celebrate the secular side of EasterEaster bunny – person in costume brings egg candy.., Egg Hunt looking for eggs, Huge Easter Egg hunt in Washington – new clothes symbol of new life, Easter parades- Christmas During this period another two holidays are celebrated - Hanukkah (Jews), Kwanzaa (African heritage)it is not national holiday in USAmost shops are closed on Christmas daySymbols: Santa Claus, Gifts, Traditional Food, Christmas Decoration, Holly, Ribbons, Decorated Houses Halloween 31th Octoberlost its religious meaningcelebrates witches, goblins, ghostJack-o-lantern : carved pumpkin with candleTrick-or-treating SAINT PATRICK DAY 17th MarchChristian a cultural holidaypeople dresses green, eat green foodshamrock, leuprechenssymbol : green shamrock (holy trinity) MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY 3rd Monday in Januaryman who fought for civil rights of his peopleassassinated in 1968 INDEPENDENCE DAY 4th Julyremembering when the USA proclaimed its freedom from Britain with the Declaration of Independence in 1776fireworks, music, barbecues, picnics VETERANS’ DAY Novemberthe end of WWInowadays this day honors soldiers who serves in any American War MEMORIAL DAY 4th Monday in Mayhonors all those who died in all American Wars COLUMBUS DAY the 2nd Monday in Octoberreminder of discovery America in 1492 THANKSGIVING 4th Thursday in Novembergiving thanks to god – big feast in family circlethe original event – pilgrims shared a harvest feast with Native Americans PRESIDENT’S DAY 3rdMonday in February remember the first president and 16th president (and also all presidents) CZECH HOLIDAYS EASTER 13th Aprilpagan tradition – ancient celebration of spring and new lifeeggs, lamb, rabbits, catkinswhipping girls and woman with willow APRIL FOOL’S DAY 1st of Aprilplaying jokes on the otherchange from Julian calendar to Georgian LABOUR DAY 1st Maytry to improve working conditions1886 – stike in Chicagonow – day honour all workers LIBERATION DAY 8th Mayend of WWII1945 – country was liberated from Nazi occupationhonours people who died for our freedom CYRIL AND METHODIUS DAY 5th Julythey brought Christianity to Slavic people in 863Slavic language JAN HUS DAY 6th Julycatholic priest, rector of Charles universityburned at the stake as s heteric ST. WENCESLAS DAY 28th Septembercelebrated as Czech Statehoodhonours death of prince Wenceslas who was killed by his brotherpatron CZECHOSLOVAK INDEPENDENCE DAY 28th October1918 – the independent czsk republic was founded ALL SOULS’ DAY 1th NovemberChristian church honours the dead STRUGGLE FOR FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY DAY 17th November1939 – demonstrations against the NaziJan Opletal was shot and killedgestapo arrested more than 1200 students and close all universities CHRISTMAS 24thDecember – Christmas Eve25th –Christmas day26th – Stephen Day31th – new year’s eve1st January – new year’s daybirth of Jesus

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