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5 - Commonwealth

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5. Commonwealth − The Commonwealth is a free association of former British colonies and dominions − The membership in the Commonwealth is voluntary and member countries have to accept some principles and values, like democratic rule, good governance, freedom of expression and protection of human rights − Al member countries recognize Elizabeth II as the Head of the Commonwealth, but her role is only symbolic − The Commonwealth has its own flag – there is a golden globe on the blue background and 61 spears which forms the letter C – it should symbolizes the cooperation − Nowadays there are 53 member countries − The last country to join the Commonwealth was Rwanda in 2009 − Thirty of al members are smal states, many of which are island nations − The members are for example Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India and so on − The Commonwealth dates back to the mid-20th century with the decolonisation of the British Empire through increased self-governance of its territories − The Commonwealth covers more than 29 000 000 (29 milions) square km − The members have a combined population of more than 2 billions of people − The Commonwealth Games, a multi-sport event, is held every four years − The games are the Commonwealth's most visible activity − Many Commonwealth nations play similar sports − On 12th March people of Commonwealth observe Commonwealth Day

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