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Holiday, festivals, traditions

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23.MO – Holidays, festivals and traditions - important dates and days in ČR, England and USA - comparisons - similarities and differences - favourite holiday Osnova: Vypsat svátky v ČR, poté nejdůležitější v Anglii a AmericePorovnatZdůraznit rozdíly a shodyMůj nejoblíbenější svátek Z ČR co nejvíce (podle datumů leden-prosinec) nejdůležitější Am., Angl.Ty nejdůležitější svátky porovnat (Easter, Christmas, New Year, Halloween, Valentine´s day)Zdůraznit mezi nimi rozdíly a podobnostiPopsat můj nejoblíbenější svátek a jak ho slavíme: Vánoce CZECH REPUBLIC: First Sunday after full moon in spring: Easter – Christian festival, resurrection of God Public holidays – people don´t go to the work 1. May: Labour day – international worker´s day8. May: Liberation day – the end of W. W. II.5. July: St. Cyril and Methodius day – priests who came to Great Moravia in 9th century to spread Christianity6. July: Jan Hus Day – commemorates the death of Jan Hus, a religious reformer, efforts to stop corruption in the Catholic church, burned at the stake in 141528. September: St. Wenceslas day – Czech statehood day, patron saint of Czech Rep., death anniversary28. October: Czechoslovak Independence Day – in 1918 the independent Czechoslovak rep. was founded17. November: Struggle for freedom and democracy day – commemorates the student’s demonstration against Nazi occupation in 1939 and the demonstration in 1989 which started the Velvet revolution24.-26. December: Christmas – birth of Jesus31.-1. January: New Year – late night celebration of new year UNITED STATES: Third Monday January: Martin Luther King Day – commemorates the birth of this civil rights chief leader in the USA14. February: St. Valentine´s day28. March: Easter dayLast Monday May: Memorial Day – all soldiers who died in service to the US4. July: Independence Day – celebrates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, the birth of free and independent USA31. October: Halloween11. November: Veterans day – honours all veterans of the US armed forcesThe fourth Thursday November: Thanksgiving Day - celebrated in the whole of the United States in order to commemorate the arrival of a small group of colonists to New Plymouth in America UNITED KINGDOM: 17. March: St. Patrick´s day – cultural and religious holiday celebrated in Northern IrelandA Saturday in June: Queen´s birthday – she was born in April, but it is celebrated in June because of weather5. November: Guy Fawkes day – they attempt to blow up parliament in 160511. November: Remembrance Day – we remember all those killed during the two major World Wars as well as other conflicts25. December: Christmas day26. December: Boxing day31. December: New Year´s Eve 1. Easter: a) CZ:In the CZ the customs include egg decorating and a tradition of spanking on Easter Monday. In the morning, men spank women with a special handmade willow whip and pour cold water over them. The tradition says that women should be spanked in order to be healthy and fertile. Traditional pastry are Easter lambs and hot cross buns. b) UK:In Britain, hot cross buns are very popular, it´s a kind of sweet bread with a white cross on the top. The cross symbolizes the crucifixion of Christ. c) US:In America there is a tradition called Easter egg hunt – parents hide the Easter eggs in the house or garden and children have to find them. Every year, an Easter Egg Roll is held on the lawn of the White House. It´s a race where children push eggs with a long spoon. SIMILARITIES: In every country it´s all about children and it is kind of celebration of spring. 2. Halloween: a) CZ:Halloween is one of traditions that came from USA – majority of people do not celebrate this, but young families are starting to celebrate it. It is celebrated on 31st October. In the CZ children are dressed up in costume to pretend that they are ghosts or witches and carve a pumpkin. b) UK:same as in the US c) US:It is celebrated on 31 October. It is also known as All Hallows ‘Eve = the evening before All Saints’ Day (November 1). Popular Halloween activities are trick-or-treating – children in costumes go from house to house and ask for “treats” (usually candy). If they don´t get the treat, they are ready to carry out a harmless “trick”. Then carving pumpkins and making jack-o’-lanterns (a carved pumpkin with a candle inside). SIMILARITIES: another fest for children. Symbol is definitely pumpkin. 3. Christmas: a) CZ: In the CZ is mostly connected with family gathering and getting presents. It is celebrated on the 24th (Christmas Eve), 25th (Christmas Day) and 26th (St. Stephen’s Day) of December. During the advent (4 Sunday before Christmas Eve) a lot of people can buy a present and decorations, or see nativity scenes which represent the birth of Jesus and the pilgrims who brought him presents. On Christmas Eve the family meets for Christmas dinners, which include fish soup, fried carp and potato salad. After dinner they move at the Christmas tree to unwrap the presents. The tradition says the presents are brought by Ježíšek (the Baby Jesus). Christmas traditions in CZ include singing the carols, baking Christmas sweets (cookies, gingerbread), decorating the tree with Christmas balls, sweets or sparklers and cutting apples to see what the future holds for us. Christmas day (December 25) is not celebrated by a special manner in the CZ but the day is a time for family visits. b) UK: In the UK is celebrated on 24th (Christmas Eve), 25th (Christmas Day) and 26th (Boxing Day). On Christmas Eve Children leave a long stocking at the end of their bed, hoping that Father Christmas will come down the chimney and bring them some small presents. On Christmas Day in the morning people unwrap their presents. The presents are brought by Santa Clause. A typical Christmas dinner is turkey. The turkey is roasted and served with potatoes, vegetables or cranberry sauce. The dessert is Christmas pudding. After dinner people may pull a cracker, it makes a loud crack and a small t

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