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BRITISH AND CZECH EDUCATION SYSTEM GREAT BRITAIN nursery school – 3 or 4 years oldplaygroup – similar to nursery schoolprimary school at the age of five state-funded or private – both of them have to follow a prescribed national curriculum infant schools - children acquire basic skills like writing, reading and maths junior school – at the age of seven; more complex subjects such as history, geography and sciencesecondary school at the age of 11 foreign language and a broader range of subjects, taught by different teachers they take GCSEs (General Certificate of Secondary Education) that consists of eight or nine exams in maths, English, a foreign language, a science and a humanities subject at the age of 16 they can leave school vocational courses- pupils go to school and take exams in practical subjects such as mechanics or painting and decorating apprenticeships – they learn a trade as they work they can study for two more years in an institution called a sixth form college they take four subjects in the first year, which ends with an exam –AS-Levels – then they go to study three of them atA-Level (Advanced GCSEs) exams marked in lettersuniversity at the age of 18 bachelor’s degrees for either three or four years (person became a graduate) - can pursue a master’s degree in science or arts most people in the UK have to fund part of their university education THE CZECH REPUBLIC primary, secondary and tertiary levels elementary school nine years most schools are financed by the state the school-leaving age is 15secondary school grammar school prepares students for university lasts four years or longer if the students have enrolled earlier from elementary school final school-leaving exam in the fourth year - comprises four or five subjects, two on the state level: Czech and a foreign language or maths and two or three on the school level (foreign language and two electives) secondary business schools/ agriculture schools/ pedagogic schools/ conservatories secondary vocational school- train young people for jobs of bakers, mechanics, bricklayers or waitersuniversity students have to pass demanding entrance exams education at universities is free of chargé the most popular subjects include humanities, law or medicine Charles University in Prague, Masaryk University in Brno and others three-year-bachelor programmes, five-year-master programmes - finish with a final state exam and a thesis defence

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