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Food and Cooking

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Maturitní otázka z angličtiny vypracovaná s otázkami bez souvislých textů.
16. Food and Cooking 1) Describe the difference between Czech and English breakfast. Czech breakfast is usually consist of tea or coffee and bread or rolls with cheese or ham. Some people prefer something sweet like cakes or doughnuts. A very modern alternative is to have cereals or muesli. There are also some people who do not eat anything for breakfast, because they believe it will help them stay slim. English breakfast is different. It consist of a glass of fruit juice, cornflakes with sugar and milk and buttered crisp pieces of a toast with marmelade, jam or honey. Quite a lot of British people eat muesli or some other ready-made cereals or porridge. they drink tea with milk or coffee. 2) Compare Czech and English lunch. In the Czech Republic it is main meal of the day with a soup, a main course usually consisting of some meat, and sometimes dessert. People often eat in restaurants or canteens. English lunch is light. It's often just a sandwich or salad. 3) What do people eat during the afternoon? Typical British feature is 5 o'clock tea. The tea is usually fairly strong and served together with some cakes or biscuits. 4) Which are the typical Czech diner? The typical Czech diner may be some salami, cheese, eggs, bread or rolls and some vegetables. Other people prefer a hot meal for diner too. They may have pancakes, potato pancakes, pizza or goulash. Some people may have a similar dish as at lunch except for a soup with bread. 5) Is British diner typical to the Czech one? The British warm dinner has three or four courses. It consist of a soup or some other starter, then the main course, which is followed by a dessert and finally sometimes cheese and biscuits are served. As a desert they may have fruit, fruit salad, pudding or ice cream. 6) What is a supper? Supper is a light meal, which the English sometimes eat after the cinema or theatre late at night. 7) Which are the typical Czech meals? Traditional Czech cuisine is said to be unhealthy. (kuchyně) Typical Czech dish is roast pork with cabbage and dumplings. They do dumplings, fatty meats and thick sauces Sweet food like pancakes or dumplings stuffed with plums are also very popular. Now for many people is popular eat more vegetables, fish or chicken meat. 8) How are they being prepared? For this food you need onions, celery root, carrots, roasted pork, salt, pepper, vegetable oil, dark beer, mustard, butter, caraway, whipping cream. 9) Do Americans have any typical meals? American doesn’t have any typical feature. It is a mix of various national dishes. The most typical food is a hamburger. Pizza i salso very popular. Americans eat in restaurants or fast foods. 10) Where can you buy food? I can buy food in shops or fast foods, restaurants or shops. 11) What can you buy in these shops? In fast food I can buy ready food, in restaurant I can taste really good specialites. In shops I can buy food, what I need to my house for cooking. 12) What is your favorite meal? My favorite meal are pancakes. I like them with jam and cream. 13) How is it being prepared? It is being preaped with milk, eggs, vanilla sugar, flour, salt..

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