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15.Health Care in the Czech Republic Structure Problems Advantages The healthcare system in the Czech Republic underwent (podstoupit) and still is undergoing dramatic changes since the Velvet revolution in 1989. Czech health system is based onfive pillars: 1. Solidarity between healthy people and the sick is taken care of in healthcare systems by separation between the provision (poskytování) of healthcare and its financing. Every insured person pays an insurance premium as a percentage of their income regardless (bez ohledu na to) of what healthcare they receive or will receive; 2. High degree of self-administration; 3. Multisource (více zdrojové) financing with major share of public health insurance. Healthcare is funded from public health insurance, direct payments, the national budget and regional budgets; 4. Equal availability of healthcare for all insured persons. The healthcare system strives (usiluje) to create conditions in which there are no differences in the availability of healthcare; 5. Obligatory (povinný) vaccination against infectious diseases. These pillars are legally supported by following selected laws. Outpatient care provided by primary care doctors or specialists. If a person is taken ill, they usually contact a primary care physician working near their home. These are general practitioners for adults, general practitioners for children and young people, dentists and gynaecologists. When choosing a physician, you should bear in mind that you can only register with a physician who has concluded a contract with your insurance company. Emergency rescue service is available to deal with cases of acute illness or accident when a patient cannot get to a doctor and immediate treatment is needed and transport of the patient to a healthcare facility under permanent care to prevent further aggravation of their health conditions or threat to the life. Balneological care can be regarded as an essential part of the curative process. It is recommended by one's attending physician and confirmed by a reviewing doctor. Entitlement to balneological care is claimed on a pre-printed form by the registering general physician or attending physician in case of hospitalisation. I hope that the only issue of health care system in the Czech Republic is payments. I don’t want to talk about payment of doctors, because this is a bit speculative and it dependent of many circumstances (okolnostech). But what I suggest as a problem is salary and even a statut of nurses. They have to work very hardly and they are ignored and they are receiving very small salaries. But on the other hand, I hope that quality of Czech health care system is on the high level.

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