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Science, technology

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as an idea appeared in many old works and books and thousands of inventors have tried to build a "robot" - a machine that looks like human, but might be more advanced in some activities than a human who is limited by his or her physical abilities. Plus it can think independently of man. is what humankind maybe wants the most. Cancer is one of the worst diseases, it has many types and although there are a lot of methods that help treat it with better results, the ultimate cure still hasn't been discovered. Science & Technology Some of the most successful science and technology companies and organizations are for example... In history, there were many great scientists, explorers and inventors who helped humanity to move forward much faster. Some of them invented new technologies, some of them discovered completely new things that changed the world. NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) ...is an American organization financed by the US government. It's mostly focused on space research. Its greatest success was the Apollo program which brought humans to the Moon's surface. ...was the man whom we owe so that we can use cell phones today. He was the first man to discovered the telephone and by that he improved on the early telecommunication technology called the "telegraph". Science is... ...what builds and organizes knowledge. Scientists constantly explore new things and come up with important findings. Technology is... EARTH & SPACE is best known for discovering and describing what we know today as gravity - rumours say that he realized the existence of this previously unknown power when he saw an apple falling from a tree. He also formulated the laws of motion, a work of great importance for physicists. Apple Computers There are thousands of different branches of science, each one focused on a different area. The branches of science are focused on... SOCIAL BEHAVIOR Isaac Newton The Montgolfier brothers The Wright brothers LIFE PHYSICS FORMAL SUBJECTS ..a kind of technique that was developed by humans (usually by scientists and other experts) and is used in real life. There are also technologies that are not fully developed yet or that are still being tested. Technology is every technique from a new way of treating some kind of disease to a new car engine. New technologies might also be called "innovations". Life science primarily focuses on biology. Biology is one of the biggest scientific areas - it looks into the human body as well as the body of other animal species and plants. It also goes into the deepest secrets like molecules, cells and genes. The main goal of social sciences is to research human behaviour. The most important sciences in this branch include sociology and psychology. Unlike sociology, which examines and describes human behaviour in groups of people, psychology is interested in a single person - his or her behaviour, thinking and also mental health. ...which is one of the most interesting branches of science, because it includes cosmology and planetary science, which are researching other, mysterious worlds, usually hundreds of millions of kilometres from us. ...which is for most people, especially students, something that they handle only with pain. But it studies how the world around us actually works. Physicists formulate the laws of physics. A special group called theoretical physicists often work on explaining events in space. Albert Einstein ...like mathematics, statistics and logic are very important for scientists, because they use them as the main methods to formulate their results and theories. Alexander Fleming Aristotle Tesla Motors SpaceX Even though Aristotle lived in the 4th century BC (before Christ), his work was so important that even today's scientists have to respect him. Sometimes he is called the "first genuine scientist in history". He focused on a wide range of areas including physics, biology, zoology, logic, ethics, philosophy and rhetoric. He was interested even in politics, or political theory to be more precise. Alexander Graham Bell ... became famous as a theoretical physicist most active during the first half of the 20th century. He formulated a break-through theory called General Relativity, which is valid even today. Many great discoveries were made by accident. That's how... ...discovered Penicillin which quickly became one of the most effective antibiotics and it has saved many lives during the Second World War. Although medicine has moved forward a lot, it's still in some forms widely used as a cure for infections and many diseases. The most hoped for future technologies and discoveries... ...is probably the most innovative company in the automotive industry. It's goal is the mass production of electric cars which can compete in their performance and comfort with the classic, diesel or petrol engine cars. Charles Darwin ...have been innovating in the computer industry for tens of years. Today, it's the most valuable IT company thanks to making technically advanced personal computers and smart phones. ...was an English scientist who came out with the famous evolutionary theory of the animal species. In times when most people believed in God's creation of the world, his theory claimed that humans have developed from the apes. ...were the first people who successfully completed a flight by plane. They did it in 1903 and shortly after that, the airplane industry started to rise very fast. Although the first flight ever was less than a minute long, it was a break-through innovation in travelling. Today, thanks to the more than 100 years old technology, there are more than 30 million flights each year. Long before the Wright brothers, there were other brothers who invented a completely new way of travelling. The invention of the hot air balloon in the late 18th century was so revolutionary that this technology is still in use today. The Internet of things Artificial intelligence The cure for cancer ...could be pretty close

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