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Business conference

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Business conference (Making the most of business conferences, selecting staff to go to a conference, organising a conference, networking at a conference) Business conferences are purposely designed to deliver maximum information in a minimum amount of time. With so much going on from keynote speeches and themed sessions to work shops and demos it’s important to plan your time. Don’t assume that you should go to every event. The greatest benefits of a conference are often circumstantial, outside the organised events – a chance conversation in the coffee line could make all the difference. Check who’s going - Don’t go in blindly to every meetings, ask to see a list of confirmed attendees a few days before hand. If there are people you’d like to hook up with, follow them on social media sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn then suggest a breakfast meeting or grabbing a coffee while you’re there. Another point is that after each presentation write what you have learnt into brief notes. It is helpful to get one useful idea from each session. Perhaps there was a specific tip that you could adapt when you get back to your office. Try to meet people who are valued by your colleagues. Don’t dismiss the business cards you collect, go through them and mark up the people you would like to follow up with and how. Plan to make contact within a week. I would definitely choose a person who has a lot of experience in conferences before. Who is representative and has worked for our company for a long time. Who is trustful and can be rely on. Another specific criteria is that he or she should speak at least three languages and is a good speaker. You should start planning the conference in advance, because there will be a lot of stuff to organize and arrange. Every great conference needs a theme. Your conference should inspire people and after they leave your conference, they should carry some message away from it. You should think of accommodation for the guest, so the place where will your conference take place should be near a big capacity hotel and a good transport. Another important thing is catering and some refreshment, in a long day of the conference everybody will welcome something to eat and drink. The main think wil definitely be a keynote speaker who will lead your conference. You should settle on a date that will fits most of attendees, so this date should be set at least six month ahead. Once you know the date, you can start looking for available venues that match your requirements. Networking at a conference typically means rushing into a teeming crowd for coffee breaks and trying to make small talk. A lot of conferences have scheduled a time such as lunch or dinner on your own one day, so if you meet someone interesting, invite them to join you on your lunch to make a more intimate connection. It will definitely intensify your relationship with the person. Try to connect with a person by talking about a colleague you have common. Maybe it will help you to get to know a people better from a recommendation of your colleagues. If there are specific attendees, vendors or speakers you hope to meet and talk to, do your research and prepare well ahead of time. Read their latest book, blog posts, etc, and search the latest news on their company. Once you start talk to them it will definitely break the ice, when you know something about the person. Tweet or post about the conference while you’re there. Tag people you’ve met, or hope to meet, and make complimentary, positive comments about their session, session topic, panels and the conference itself. Congrats person if they are successful or great them, they will surely appreciate it.

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