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My Performance

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Referát na téma My Performance
MY PERFORMANCE I would say my soul is consisted of four parts and these are real life, virtual life, present school and future school at the moment. I write each part separately to show how complicated is to keep the balance of all of them. REAL LIFE I can introduce you an obsessed insomniac who suffers from the anxiety as well. Luckily, this happens only during the schooldays. At weekends, I sleep as much as I can and dedicate my time to my family. I play board games, feed my cat and play badminton in a gym. Moreover, I love cinematography and therefore I watch films and study them from the view of production. Thus, it is a good idea because I actually prepare for the film university. Although, I am friendly, cooperative, ambitious and thorough most of the time, the school inverts these traits. I sleep a little and I can’t prosecute everything at once. My classmates describe me as a sleepy smart weirdo. Nevertheless, my classmates are very different from my way of living a life and thus it is hard to comprehend a strange person like I am. VIRTUAL LIFE I cannot deny it anymore. I regret to say I neglect this component. Regarding to my computer games, I do not play as much as before. The duties are the priority right now and I had to stop playing. This follows to the deterioration of sight, hearing and touch. Some don’t understand this component because they are not so into this like I am. My playing supports and improves the estimates and reactions in the reality. Although, I believe it will change earlier than I would snap a finger. PRESENT SCHOOL I can’t believe how stressed out I am. Due to my surgery with wisdom teeth, I cannot prosecute other major duties. As far I can tell, I have to write two exams per lesson in Economics and catch up all the study in other subjects. I do my best to pass the exams because I have to focus on other stuff than this. Regarding to the absence, I am located close to the boundaries of resits. I am slightly afraid of that! Fortunately, the graduation work is not such a problem from the reason of final accomplishment of the minimal number of characters in it. Furthermore, I am able to fast-type and the topic of the graduation work amuses me. When I am always breathing out with the relief, I remember I have a dozen of works to do. Hopefully, it ends very soon. FUTURE SCHOOL I mean the university. Hopefully, I become a student of Tomas Bata University inZlínwhere I have an intention to study the course Audiovisual Arts specialised on the programme Film Editing. It is my dream university and consequently a dream job – Film Editing (films, sitcoms, music videos etc.). The requirements of acceptance are very strict and it is really difficult to get there because the university is quite picky about the works of applicants. My homework contains five artistic stuff – to make a film, a cinematic self-portrait, a photo-screenplay and write an essay about my film including the description of narration and the process of film creation. From my point of view, my works are so-so successful because a lot of people have already seen it and they well-assessed that. I have fixed the problems and sent the works to the university. If I get through the first round, surprisingly, I will go to the second round where the true talents are evaluated. It will be situated at their university and it is consisted of several parts again – a test of general knowledge, logical tests, teamwork (not said yet for what) and at the end of the second round, the interview with university commission. I wish I could pass the second round with flying colours and officially became a student of the university.

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