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Free Time and Entertainment

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Maturitní otázka z angličtiny vypracovaná s otázkami bez souvislých textů.
20. Free Time and Entertainment 1) W hen do we have time for fun and hobbies? We have to spend eight hours at work and we need to sleep but there are not eight hours for fun and hobbies. We also need time for commuting to and from work, for shopping, tidying up, cooking and so on. We have time for our hobbies suring weekends. 2) Why do we have hobbies? Hobbies are activities we do for fun. They help us relax and it’s doesn’t matter what we do. Some hobbies are expensive, dangerous, romantic, very time-consuming. 3) What are typical hobbies for men and for women? There are big differences between men’s and women’s hobbies. Men are usually more active and more technically inclined than women. So they love sports, cars or building models of ships or planes. Women prefer hobbies that allow them to sit down and relax. So knitting, sewing or reading books. Some hobbies are enjoyed by both men and women, such as hiking, travelling or watching TV. Collecting things is probably the most common hobby People collect common things such as stamps, procelain dolls.. Collecting things can be a very expensive hobby. 4) Compare reading books and newspapers. Many people love reading. Some of them read books- novels or poetry. People who read newspaper or magazines, they know a lot about political, social and cultural events in the country and in the world. People read magazines about photography, nature, cars or living. 5) How can culture help us to relax? We can visit exhibitions or fairs or we can go to the cinema or theatre. Some people do it just for fun while others are more interested in art and culture. 6) Is fashion only women’s hobby? Girls are especially interested in clothes, make-up, hairstyles and accessories. For men is fashion favored about how they look and what they wear. 7) What’s the point of using computers in our leisure time? Children can use their computers very well and some of them even start to write their own programs. Some people like playing computer games or chatting and meet new people. We can search for news, recipes, but we need to be careful in deciding what information is true. Everybody can write whatever they want so when we really need to get correct information we must use reliable servers. 8) Why and how do we practice sport in our leisure time? Many people don't have enough movement activity at work. Individuals or families ride bikes or spend time outdoors, they go swimming or skiing Children go to sports clubs, adults play games like basketball, volleyball, football, tennis..

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