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USA - geography

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USA – GEOGRAPHY The country is situated mostly in central North America. It stretches from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west. USA is boarded by Canada (in the north) and Mexico (in the south) and a territorial water border with Russia.The United States of America is federative republic with Washington D.C. as the capital city. It consists of 50 states . The state of Alaska is in the northwest of the continent The state of Hawaii is the mid-pacific. Climate Due to its large size the USA examples of nearly every global large climate.,mostly temperate, but tropical in Hawaii, Florida, arctic in Alaska. Moutains There are two great moutains ranges in the US: Appalachian Mountains on the east coast and Rocky Moutains in the west.The Appalachian Mountains run along the east coast of the United States from northern Alabama to Maine. They served as a barrier to expansion for the first colonies.The Rocky Moutains form the longest moutain range in Nort America and the second longest range in the world. The stretch from New Mexico, across the United States to Montana, and well into Canada.Cordillera: the biggest mountain in North AmericaSierra Nevada: mountain chain in the State California(Nevada)“Grand Canyon”: (Grand Canyon Nation Park) canyon carved by the Colorado river in the state ArizonaThe highest mountain in the USA is Mount McKinley. Valleys The Mississipi Valley is one of the greatest plains on the Earth. The lowest point is Death Valley. Lakes The five Great Lakes are located in the north-central portion of the country, four of them forminf part of the border with Canada.Lake Superior: is the largest of the five traditionally-demarcated Great Lakes of North America , Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, Lake Ontario National Parks Death Valley National Park (California, Nevada); Denali National Park and Preserve (Alaska); Grand Canyon National Park (Arizona); Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (Hawaii); Yellowstone National Park (Idaho, Montana, Wyoming); Yosemite National Park (California) Rivers The Mississippi River: (the largest river system in North America). The Colorado River. Hawaii: Aloha State is a group of volcanic islands in the center of northern Pacific Ocean. It contains eight main islands, but only six are open to visitors. Alaska: was bought from the Russian Empire for $7 million. Mount McKinley is located here. It is the northernmost and westernmost state in US.

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