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7. Canada

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7. CANADA itscapital city isOttawatheofficial languages areEnglish andFrenchtheircurrency is calledCanadian dollarthehead of the state isthe monarchof the United Kingdom Queen Elizabeth II. she isrepresented bythe Governor Generalthe most common animals in Canada aregrizlly bears andbeavers GEOGRAPHY AND WEATHER Canada is thesecond largest country in th worldit islocated inNorth AmericaCanada hasone of the world’s biggest islands →Baffin Islandand it also has2 biggest lakes in the world →Great Bear Lake andGreat Slave Lakethe are also manyrivers→ f.ex.the Mackenzie Riverthe southern part of the country iscovered in forest whereasthe northern part ismostly tundraCanada has acontinental climate withcold snowy winters and warm summersthe far northhas apolar climate POLITICAL SYSTEM Canada is aconstitutional monarchy anda part of British Commonwealththehead of the state isthe monarchof the United Kingdom Queen Elizabeth II. she isrepresented bythe Governor Generalthe most powerful position hasthe government which is led bythe prime minister the government in individual provinces is led bythe premierthe parliament has 2 houses:the Senate (the Upper House) andthe House of Commons (the Lower House) FLAG unlike other Commonwealth nations theCanada doesn’t have the Union Jack on the flagthe flag hasa maple leaf symbol andthe red and white colors which are Canada’s official colors SPORT popular sports includeice-hockey, American football, basketballand lacrosseanother popular sport in Canada iscurling FAMOUS PEOPLE JUSTIN BIEBER – singerRYAN GOSLINGandJIM CARREY – actorsPAMELA ANDERSON – actress and model PLACES OF INTEREST OTTAWA isthe capital of Canada and it’s locatedin province Ontario Canada’sParliment Buildings are located here the Rideau Hall is located there which is home to the Governor General and Queen’s representative you can also find therethe Rideau Canalandthe National Gallery of Canada TORONTO isthe largest Canadian metropolis and financial centre you can find theCN Tower there which used to be the highest tower in the world MONTREAL isthe largest city in Canada alsojazz and film festivals take place there VANCOUVER isa popular destination too the city hostedthe 2010 Winter Olympic Games BANFF NATIONAL PARK isthe oldest national park in Canada tourists can admire the beautiful nature and wildlife there NIAGARA FALLS are formed by2 main waterfalls the Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side andthe American Falls on American side CANADIAN ROCKIES arepart of the North American Rocky Mountains obrázky: flag, Montreal Canadians hockey team, The Rockies/Banff national park, Toronto, Niagara Falls, g rizzly bear

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