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We use recreational travel to enjoy ourselves while on vacation. It contains all leisure activities from relaxing on the beach, swimming in the sea to exploring local countryside, culture and cuisine. Where can we travel? What are the Where can we travel? What are the purposes of travelling? purposes of travelling Travel may be LOCAL, Travel may be LOCAL, REGIONAL, NATIONAL or REGIONAL, NATIONAL or INTERNATIONAL. INTERNATIONAL Travelling BUSINESS BUSINES Many Czechs love Italy because of its beaches, sea and cuisine. Visiting Rome is great for those who like to go sightseeing. Local and regional travel mostly takes shorter periods of time. We travel to visit nearby locations and surroundings and we use basic modes of transport like bicycles, buses or cars. Some people have to travel because of their profession. Most of them have to travel to a different city by car, but some people have to use air transport to get to business meetings or conferences in foreign countries, sometimes on the other side of the world. Summer Summe The favourite foreign destinations for Czechs The favourite foreign destinations for Czechs during the summer holidays are... during the summer holidays are.. How How can can we we travel trave One new type of travel is today being hugely One new type of travel is today being hugely developed. developed Croatia Croati Italy Ital Slovakia Slovaki Greece Greec Turkey Turke by car by ca by plane by plan by ship by shi There are also some more exotic There are also some more exotic destinations where Czechs like to destinations where Czechs like to spend their vacations. spend their vacations Even in the Czech Republic we can find places that Even in the Czech Republic we can find places that are worth visiting. are worth visiting In the Czech Republic, the most attractive place for tourists is definitely Prague - the capital city of the Czech Republic. It has the highest concentration of historical sites and monuments such as Prague Castle, Charles Bridge or Vyšehrad. That's why we see so many Japanese, Chinese, Korean and American people on the streets of Prague. Another reason for foreigners to travel to the Czech republic might be the price level, it is very low for most of them. People usually travel for... People usually travel for.. RECREATION RECREATIO Croatia is still the most popular destination for Czechs. It's a warm country in southern Europe with access to the Adriatic sea. It also has more than a thousand islands. ? Turkey is a country with growing popularity and potential for tourism. It's not very far from here by plane and the country partly lies on the Asian continent, which makes it more exotic than South-European countries. Slovakia is one of the closest foreign countries and has many advantages for us. It's quite cheap for us, there are fantastic natural features including the Tatra Mountains and we naturally understand the local language. Greece is located in South-Eastern Europe and despite the recent financial crisis, Czechs still like it as a summer holiday destination. Like Croatia, it's known for numerous attractive islands such as Corfu, Crete and Rhodes. The Greek capital city, Athens, is interesting because of its ancient historical monuments. Usually we travel abroad twice a year. Usually we travel abroad twice a year. Once during our summer vacation Once during our summer vacation and once during the winter months. and once during the winter months by bus by bu What are the most common activities we can do on our vacation? What are the most common activities we can do on our vacation Visit some landmarks Visit some landmarks or historical or historical monuments. monuments Try some sports Try some sport Spend time relaxing Spend time relaxin Explore local culture and cuisine Explore local culture and cuisin Do some work Do some wor Study Stud We use different We use different modes of transport modes of transport to reach various to reach various destinations. destinations + Find new friends amongst the locals Find new friends amongst the local EGYPT EGYP TUNISIA TUNISI THAILAND THAILAN Space tourism Space touris By car we mostly travel to nearby places or countries, such as Slovakia or Austria. However many people use them to also travel to Croatia, which is quite far away. - Although it's one of the safest modes of transport, many people are still afraid of air travel because of there have been many plane disasters in recent years. We use air transport mostly for travelling to far away destinations like African or Asian countries. Czechs use this mode of transport mostly to travel to Egypt, Turkey and Tunisia. Travelling abroad usually takes much more time. We normally spend a few weeks away and we are willing to pay for more complex modes of transport like airplanes or ships. All of them All of them have some have some indisputable indisputable advantages. advantages ...but they ...but they have have drawbacks as drawbacks as well. well In the summer, we normally travel to a country with a warm climate to enjoy high temperatures, clean seas, the hot sun and lovely meals. We use recreation travelling to enjoy ourselves during the vacation. It contains all the leisure activities beginning with relaxing on the beach, swimming in the sea and ending with exploring local countryside, culture or cuisine. Winter Winte People use Christmas or the Spring Holidays to travel. Most of them visit the mountains to enjoy winter sports such as skiing or snowboarding. The most comfortable mode of transport is to take a plane to a exotic destination, but a lot of people still prefer travelling by car to Croatia or Italy. Most people stay in the Czech Republic and visit the "Krkonoše" or "Jeseníky" Mountains, but more and more people travel to the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia or the Alpes. the most visited Alpine countries are Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France and Italy. They are not so efficient for long distances. Also someone has to drive. For Czec

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