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9. Healthy lifestyle

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What does healthy life style mean to you? What should our diet consist of?What should we give up eating?How about drinking?How to stay in good shape?First aidMedical examinationDiseasesHuman body 9.Healthylifestyle Healthylifestylemeans to me feeling great in our body and also having clear mind. In my opinion people who are thinking about what they do and eat are determined to have high quality life. These people are also a bit more disciplined and they have control about their achievements. Our diet should be consists of 3 macronutrients, carbs, protein and healthy fats. Carbs are for example in rice, potatoes and fruit. Proteins are in meat, quark, fishes or yoghurt and also in plant based sources of food. It means beans, lentils or tofu. Fats are also important for our health especially for hormone balance. But it does not mean fried chips or crisps. Good sources are avocado, fishes and nuts like almonds or hazelnuts. On the other hand we should avoid eating junk food like pizza or candy and also processed food, for example biscuits or fast food. Drinking is also very important for us. Always is good to hydrate your organism and afford yourself sip of water. Especially in today’s hurried time when people are often exhausted and suffer from headache it’s great to drink a lot. For sure it could be still water without sugar or artificial sweeteners. With healthy living is closely associated sport and being in good shape. But how to stay in/or get in shape? This is easy. Simply move yourself and do not be lazy. For example running is great to clear your mind and to relax your head from learning or working in job. Medical examination is either urgent or regular. Regular examination is based on making an appointment to the doctor. Weare not life-threatening. Urgent examination is needed when you have for example high temperature or twisted ankle. When someone is life-threatening our duty is to give him first aid. Anyone could learn some basics of how to save someone´s life. Healthy lifestyle is also good to prevent some common diseases. Epilepsy is a condition of the nervous system. It causes people to have seizures (záchvaty). Cancer is a disease which can affect any organ. It affects how cells grow. Cancer can be caused by smoking, too much sun, too much meat or so on. Strokes (mrtvice) are when a blood artery is blocked by fatty tissue. Strokes are likely when people have diets high in fat, low in fibre and don’t exercise enough.

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