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CZ, UK, USA cuisine

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CZEch cuisine Czech cuisine is specific type of Central European cuisine. Is bold, caloric and not healthy and based on creamy sauces. For Czechs i tis customary to eat a light meal in the morning and evening, and the biggest meal at lunch. A typical breakfast consists of yogurt, bread, and some salami or cheese. Supper is often a cold plate of ham, cheese and bread. All nations have their pub food, and the Czechs are no exception. Typical fare would be pickled sausage with onions, and pickled cheese with peppers. Probably the most significant difference between Czechs and the rest of the world id beer. The Czech Republic is number one in beer consumption, averaging a half liter a day for every man, woman and child. In Czech restaurants, the cheapest drink on the menu is beer. A Czech meal typically starts with soups. Some popular Czech soups are: Potato soup, Chicken noodle soup and Beef soup with liver dumplings. When you are talking aboutsvíčková, it becomes magic. This meal is a combination of pieces of tenderloin covered in a sweer creamy sauce, and served with sour cream on a slice of lemonm cranberry sauce and dumplings. Traditionally,řízek is breaded and fried pork. Bur the meat doesn’t have to be pork. Chicken is quite common, ald it can also be veal. Czechs usually haveřízek with poatoes or potato salad. Czechs like sweet. Dessert comes in many variaties. Some popular desserts are: Crepes filled with jam or fruit, chocolate, whipped cream; Honey cake and Fruit-filled dumplings. britain cuisine People in the UK usually have breakfast, lunch and dinner at home. A full English cooked breakfast is a hot dish of fried bacon, sausage, bean, egg, tomatoes and sometimes mushrooms. It is usually served with a cup of tea or coffee. However, today people prefer a light breakfast consisting of cereals or porridge and toasts and marmalade. The English national meals, fish and chips and roast dinners, are also the traditional ones. In England, roast beef is one of the meals traditionally served at Sunday dinner. Fish and chips is a balanced meal of carbohydrate (chips), protein (fish), and fats (in the batter around the fish and in vegetable oils). Sprinkled with lots of salt and vinegar, and red or brown sauce, it lacks dietary fibre and some vitamins so it is not recommended that you eat it every day. Roast meat (pork, beef, lamb) is usually served with boiled or roast potatoes, peas, Brussels sprouts, carrots, Yorkshire pudding and, of course, gravy. Tikka masala is said to be the nation’s most eaten meal today. Chicken tikka masala, one of the most popular Indian dishes in the world, is covered with a tomato gravy with cream or coconut creamand various spices. american cuisine For many people American food means only one thing – McDonald’s, but American food is more than fast food. Breakfast and lunch are usually eaten on the run. People have yogurt or a pastry in the morning and then fast food at lunch. At home, the evening meal typically has some kind of meat, a vegetable, and bread. But Americans are tired to cook, therefore they are bring home Chinese food or have a pizza delivered instead. Italian food is very popular. Mexican food i salso common. A typical Mexican meal is burrito. And of course they have hamburhers in America.

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