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Family house by the lakeside

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A Family house by the lakeside This detached, one-storied house, is situated in the suburb of the city Roscrea in Ireland. It’s painted in the salmon colour and an ivy climbs around the building. Downstairs there is a cosy living room with a glass door, which makes the room lighter. There is a wooden floor and a luxurious fireplace. It has also a lovely terrace with a swimming pool, ideal for enjoying warm days. The kitchen is modern, spacious and well-equipped (wooden kitchen unit with an induction cooker, a dishwasher, huge fridge and freezer). Floor is made of linoleum and door is also made of glass. Next to the kitchen there is a bathroom with a washing machine and a comfortable bathtub. Next door leads to the toilet. Upstairs there are two children’s rooms with a floating floor, built-in wardrobes and a lovely view to the garden. There are two other bedrooms with big beds and ideal built-in wardrobes. One of the bedroom has a breathtaking view from the balcony to the city with a lighting for sitting outside. Between children’s rooms and bedrooms there is another bathroom with a whirlpool bath and a toilet with an aquarium. The house is located near the lake. In its surroundings there are waterfalls and a lovely park with children’s playground. It takes only 15 minutes driving to the city Roscrea. There is also a public transport which takes you to the city every half an hour. The house is most suitable for a family with two children that prefers living close to the city and in the nature as well.

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