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17 - British Cities

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17. British Cities London − It is the capital of England − It is in the south-east of the UK − It is standing on the River Thames in the south east of the island of Great Britain − London is fist city, which hosted Summer Olympic Games three times − The population is about nine milions of people − The double-decker bus is an icon of London − There is a lot of famous sights, like London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, Big Ben Liverpool − It is a home of two Premier League footbal clubs Liverpool FC and Everton FC − There are two catherdrals Anglican Cathedral and Metropolitan Cathedral − It is a birth place of The Beatles Edinburgh − It is the capital of Scotland − It is on the east coast in the northern part of the UK − The fringe festival is one of the most famous festivals − It is dominated of its imposing 12th century castle – Holyroodhouse Cardif − It is the capital of Wales and also the largest city of Wales − There is Cardif Castle, and the Millenium stadium which is a home of Welsh Rugby − It is in the south-west of the island of Great Britain − There is an open air museum with 40 buildings – St Fagans National History Museum Belfast − It is the capital of Northern Ireland − It is in the north-east of the island of Ireland Nottingham − Nottingham is known for its forest and castle because they are home to the Legendary Robin Hood Oxford − Old university town − It lies on the river Thames − There are 35 colleges Cambridge − Old university town − There is river Cam − There are rowing competitions with Oxford every year − Cambridge and Oxford are big rivals Bath − It is worth of seeing for the remains of its Roman bath built 2 000 years ago − It is a health spa with springs used from Romans Manchester − We can visit the Museum of Science and Industry, The Air and Space Museum there − It is a home of one of the most famous footbal team Manchester United Birmingham − It is a geographical heart of England and second largest city in Britain − We can see interesting Victorian architecture here − It is famous for its Cadbury's chocolate museum Glasgow − The biggest city of Scotland − It is an old Victorian town − It is the cultural centre and the heart of the arts in Scotland

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