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aturitní otázka č. 23 COMPLAINT If the customer is not satisfied with the execution of his order, he usually makes a complaint. There can be various reasons for complaints: misunderstanding about the ordered goods (wrong goods are sent, wrong colour or size, wrong quantity ...) the goods can be damaged during the delivery the quality of the goods is unsatisfactory a manufacturing defect can be discovered on unpacking the shipment can be delayed In his complaint the customer should refer to the order number or the number of the supplier’s invoice, he should explain his complaint, and finally suggest an acceptable settlement. There are several ways of settling the complaint: the buyer can cancel the contract and place the faulty goods at the seller’s disposal he can ask for the replacement for the damaged goods he can keep the goods and ask for the price reduction he can ask for compensation (damages) When the supplier receives the complaint, he investigates the matter, and if it is justified, he should apologize, explain what the trouble was caused by, and suggest a fair settlement. Phrases: We thank you for your consignment but are sorry to say that it has not given us much satisfaction. We refer to our order and regret to say that the shipment arrived in damaged condition. We are put to serious troubles by this delay. If we do not get the goods by August 10, we will be forced to cancel the order. We regret to have to complain of the inferior quality. On unpacking the cases we have found part of the goods badly damaged. We must draw your attention to the shortage in weight of 100 kg. The consignment contains only 30 boxes instead of 32 boxes as stated in the invoice. It is quite clear that the damage was caused by unsuitable packing. We are placing the faulty goods at your disposal. We are prepared to keep the goods if you reduce the price by 20%. Please send us replacement for the damaged goods as soon as possible. In view of these facts we claim from you damages (compensation) to the amount of USD 350.00. We shall expect you to devote more care to the execution of our orders in future. We are sure you will give this matter your prompt attention.

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