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SPORT AND GAMES. HEALTHY LIFESTYLE, KEEPING FIT Sports are one of the most popular leisure time activities. This is mainly due to fact that they help us to keep fit both physically and mentally. Sport is also a form of relaxation and can help to take off some weight. In the modern world a positive attitude to sports is becoming a trend. Young people try to look sporty. We practise sports at various sports halls, playgrounds, pools, stadiums, tennis courts, fitness centres or simply at home. The best way of cultivating the love of sports in people is to exercise with them since early childhood. Special playgrounds are constructed for young sportsmen to train their flexibility and physical ability in exciting way. During our school years we attend physical education classes. Two or three times a week, teachers try to awake in us the love of sports. Children usually practice athletics, ball games, gymnastics and sometimes swimming. P.E. is a compulsory subject at elementary and secondary school. Typical example of all-season sports is hiking. There are many beautiful places in our country we can visit. As hikers we can set out for mountains, the forests or just walk around the meadows. It is important to dress properly – no one never knows what the weather is going to be like. Walking in countryside is for me the most relaxing thing that exists. You are enjoying the beautiful scenery but also doing something for your body. That is why I like outdoor sports more than indoor ones. Other all-season sports are for example table tennis, box, weightlifting, bodybuilding, dancing and wrestling. When I was younger, I used to dance Latin American dances and I attended ballet classes. We can so sports either as individuals or as a group – a team. Among such sports or let’s say games, we can find football, volleyball, floorball and other collective sports. Sports can be practised just for fun or in competitive way. When it comes to competitive sports, there are several events when athletes, teams measure their skills. One of the most prestigious events are Olympic Games, where the most talented sportsmen can take part. There are Summer Olympic Games where are practised summer sports. Then there are Winter Olympics Games where sportsmen compete in winter disciplines such as slalom, biathlon, cross-country skiing, ice hockey etc. The Olympic Games are held every four years, with the Summer and Winter Games alternating by occurring every four years but two years apart. Their creation was inspired by the ancient Olympic Games, which were held in Olympia, Greece, from the 8th century BC to the 4th century AD. Baron Pierre de Coubertin founded the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in 1894, leading to the first modern Games in Athens in 1896. If someone is not into moving his body, he can also watch sports. We can watch them on TV or out of the audience. In our family we watch mostly ice hockey matches, biathlon or football. I went a few times to see tennis match and ice hockey match live. It was definitely better than sitting on the sofa. In Czech Republic we like to watch ice hockey and football. In my opinion, tennis is becoming really popular. I think it is because of success of our tennis players. I used to play tennis when I was younger too. But my coach was rude. She was prejudiced in favour of other kids in group. My parents and I decided that I won’t continue. It is not important to do the sport competitively, as to do so recreationally. It gives us break from our daily routine and helps to fortify health. Fresh air, activity and nature have positive effect on our bad lifestyle. Regular exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Aerobic exercise is good for your heart and your body. Yoga has a therapeutic affect and also helps to reduce your stress level. Pilates are great for strengthening your “core” muscles which are situated around your midsection. Healthy lifestyle and keeping fit is not only about doing sports. The thing is that you should drink a lot of water (not fizzy drinks or lemonades). Variety of food should be consumed. You will get all the vitamins and disease-fighting potential that food offers. Another tip is to not constantly overeat yourself. It is recommended to exercise at least twice a week. But the more you exercise, the more you need to eat – this is totally okay. Very important is also being well-rested. Good night’s sleep helps to heal and recover muscles and it highs energy levels. You cannot keep fit if you are depressed and unhappy. Following your bliss is a must if you want to live a happy and joyful life. Doing what you are passionate about helps keep you motivated. Nowadays we live in time full of cars and we tend to use them even for small distances. It is not bad if you sometimes grab a bike instead of driving car.

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