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Me and my livestyle

Stáhnout kompletní materiál zdarma (24 kB)

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21. Me and My Lifestyle My family I live with my family in a flat. When I say "my family", I mean my mother, father sister and me. My mother's name is Jana and she is forty-six. She has green eyes. She doesn't work now, because she is ill. She is after operation with her back. She is small, has medium long hair. Its colour is brown. She likes gardening and reading books. I help her with housework (with sister) because she is very tired and she mustn't do it. She also sews in her free time. My father's name is Karel. He is forty-nine years old. He works as a plumber. He's rather tall, has short brown hair and blue and green eyes (like me). My father loves gardening and he's very keen on cars. He's an excellent driver. I have one sister. She's eleven. She is tall, has long blond hair and green eyes. She is now in the fifth class at basic school. She likes listening to music, drawing and watching TV. She makes me almost always crazy. She makes jokes to me. But I love her very much. We are a very large family. I have also one grandfather and two grandmothers, five uncles and four aunts, and ten cousins. My mother's father died twelve years ago. My grandmothers’ names are Růžena and Marie. My grandfather's name is Karel like my father. My parents are from the Southern Bohemia. There are my grandparents. We go to grandparent's every week, in spite of a great distance between Prague and the Southern Bohemia. I love it there. Two of my aunts and uncles and six cousins live in Bechyně. It is near Tábor. I see them about once a month. We understand each other very well, mainly with my cousins. Other relatives live in the Southern Bohemia. Twice or three times a year we (our whole family) go to Bechyně and we talk about everything. It's such a good time. Imagine, that when we are all it's about forty people. And my "own family"? I don't want to get married yet. I want to enjoy life. And then I'd like to have two children, a boy and a girl. I'd like to live in a large house on the outskirts of Prague. My lifestyle Each of my days is full of "work" from morning to evening, particularly on weekdays, when I must go to school. Every day I get up at seven o'clock but it is a big problem for me because I like to sleep late. First I have breakfast, which is prepared by my sister. Then I go to the bathroom, wash and clean my teeth. Then I get dressed and comb my hair. I don't have to go by bus or train to the school because I live about 200 m from my school. So I usually go to school at 7.45. I usually have six lessons, which are forty-five minutes long. Between lessons we have five or ten minutes breaks, except one "long" break between the third and the fourth lesson, which is twenty minutes long. After the lessons I go to have lunch to our school canteen. Then I go with my friends to a bus stop because I like to have a chat with them. When they leave I go home. When I come home I do some household works, then I work with my computer or help my sister to learn. Then I prepare to school, do homework or learn. I go out with my friends or I listen to music or watch TV. I must be at home at six o'clock, because it is time for dinner. Then I wash up, take a shower or have a bath and go to my room, where I read or work with computer. I go to bed about at ten or eleven o'clock. I try to sleep minimum eight hours. I am really very happy when weekdays end and the weekend comes, because I can go to our cottage, where I have my best friends. There I can ride a bike, a motorbike, go to a pub with friends or to a disco. Weekends are much better than weekdays.

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